Random Photos, Hunting Issues & National Geographic Photo Contest


Quick brief mention to all my photographing pals out there – a NGM photo contest can be found on this page.


No shopping (i.e. photoshop) That’s a darn shame I feel like I’m finally getting shopping down. dang.


Here is a photo taken about seven miles east of Colville.

And a quick photo for Bernie – for being such a good sport. (fungi finally….)


I’m not so sure about what the species of this mushroom is however, I thought it was one of the hearty types growing right on the dirt and gravel road like that. 

Halloween is deadline date for the contest. (p.s. unlike other photo contests this ones this isn’t limited to amateurs so professionals can get involved as well.)


a couple of whitetails – around this time hubby and I joke about how they’ve read up on their hunting rules and regulations  and thus spend all day right on the other side of privet property fence lines – these gals were no exception. It’s cool tho you can’t take down a doe without a special permit in Washington.

Meanwhile, there is a really great article (so far my all time favorite) on hunters in NGM. I know – I know – it’s not politically correct to talk about hunting or admit being one however, this is (*sigh*) finally a honest portrait of hunters who have been demonized for so dang long. Honestly speaking I like all the issues that the story raises including poaching and illegal hunting of which I’m not a real big fan. I’m also a bit concerned that wildlife management is going to be a real issue when most of today’s hunters die off. Right now they are completely dependent upon today’s hunters funds in order to manage our wildlife. Media in my opinion did all they could to create a picture of some real disturbed individuals in the late 70’s and early 80’s. This was very successful. Fundamentally what most people didn’t get (during this period) was that hunters really love the land. (They don’t spend days and hours, wiping the sweat and rain off their brows, and in the middle of nowhere because they loathe nature.) Anyway…. here is the link if you’ve got some time to dismantle.


Okay enough of me!


26 Responses to “Random Photos, Hunting Issues & National Geographic Photo Contest”

  1. I work at National Geo and I’m glad to hear you liked the hunting story. Not everyone did! Thanks for mentioning it on your blog.
    Besides the photo contest (deadline Oct 31), you can also submit your best photos to Your Shot. We chose the best and put them on our website in The Daily Dozen, and sometimes make them into online puzzles on the Jigsaw Puzzle Generator. The best pix have a chance at being published in National Geographic Magazine. Here’s the page for submitting photos (but sorry, no photoshopping!): http://www7.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/yourshot/index.html

  2. aullori – wow, you had someone from Nat Geo comment here! Very cool for sure and I just love your pictures!

  3. 3 montucky

    The water shot is really pretty; alluring, actually. And I love the mushrooms! That’s a great photo!

    Our game also reads the rules and regs. What they seem to do is change their hours. We still have the same wrecking crew at the apple tree, but now they come under the cover of darkness. I think they just change their clocks.

  4. Hi Marilyn, thank you for visiting and your welcome anytime. (As you can tell your pretty popular in the room.) I’m stunned you stopped by but very pleased. (I’ve been a fan since about six when my Gramps offered me your magazine on a rainy day in Elk Washington – he had rows of the magazine stacked and didn’t own a television. That’s probably telling but telling what I’m not sure.)

    I appreciate the link a few really fabulous photographers visit here often (teaching me slowly actually) all about the craft. (A generous bunch they are…)

    I was really happy to see the hunting article I cannot tell you how much! Also in a roundabout way I was trying to talk my buddies into entering your contest. There are some gifted folk that roam around this blog. (Oh yeah Monarch and Montucky are just two of many.)…. there is ankush, bernie… well the links are on the blogroll. Visit anytime. I’d offer warm cider but it’s tough to pass on in 00011001 format…..

    Honestly, I’m honored and humbled.

  5. Monarch – first, that’s what I said. well… wow go figure that…. Meanwhile, thanks for the photo mention. I went out looking for birds – who were so very silent and fell into finding these things. In the end I was not disappointed.. I was happy in the end. (p.s. Your owl photos are getting more and more adorable as the day’s pass….) I found out we have them here too… ahhh, another creature hopefully I’ll run into. 🙂

  6. Montucky, what is that all about? I have to admit I wake up every morning (and we are talking early) something like five am only to find a yard full of tracks… I muse it while getting the kiddo’s ready for school. What are ya gonna do? The truth? A buck is an amazingly smart adaptive animal – worthy of a lot of respect. We’ve also had some bright moonlight that I personally could have fed while sitting in too. We ran into a really tiny guy up on the hill but heck he needed about two more years to mate up, fall in love and have babies. That’s when the camera is just a lot more appropriate. Thanks for visiting. Glad you like the photos. It’s an honor you stopped by once again. (p.s. I really hope you spend a moment and enter the contest… I thought your work with the wildfire seemed like something that could come together as a really good photo essay…. hummm heck what do I know…?) 😉

  7. Awesome Lori…You have given me mushrooms, and fine ones at that, the article on hunting in NG is interesting. I am an ex-hunter who gave it up because of all the idiots the state of Indiana turned loose unto the country side every year, don’t get me wrong I am nowhere near being anti-hunting I know what a valuable tool it is, but the way people go about it now it has become a war zone out there and I actually feared for my safety on a couple of occasions.

    Sometime when I have the time I will share a few stories with you. BTW very nice images.

  8. Great clump of shrooms. The texture is always so great on these fungi photos. Lately I have seen a lot on wordpress.
    These deer are too tame. Were they in a refuge or something? What a nice clear shot. They had to be motionless. The cascades are a good shot too. You have done some good work.

  9. Hi Bernie, my pleasure hope you enjoy them.. I can understand the areas where it gets really dangerous. (there is an area here in wa where every five feet it seems your seeing hunter orange) and guns and close proximity are not “two of these things that belong together.” (that line was totally ripped off from sesame street by the way.) I’d love to hear your stories. (Oh by the way in my not so humble opinion every nature photographer in the world is a hunter they just also might happen to be a vegetarian as well.) 🙂

  10. Hi nouveaufauves, That is a really great question about the little does. Actually they are about as wild as it gets – in this photo they are in a farmers field and right now are clumping up. (there were really about sixteen does and fawns in the field these just happened to be the two who posed for me.) Why so relaxed? My fundamental belief is because they are behind a fence line posted “no trespassing” and “no hunting” about fifty feet away from cows. I keep trying to convince the world they can read however, no one is buying the bridge I’m selling. 😉 They were quiet and motionless at the moment making sure I didn’t take one step out of my car. Thank you for the kind comments. I’ve been looking over your hard work and art on your site and I’m giving myself a couple of days to absorb it. (Sometimes if I comment too soon later down the road I say to myself, “ahh gee what a jerk of a response.” When so much personal energy goes into art it seems the best response is to give it time to absorb it.) I’m thinking today is probably not too soon (I’ve looked and looked for the last three days.)

  11. Mushrooms in gravel? Great subject and shot.

  12. I am a great fan of macro photography, so my eye was immediately drawn to the very nice shot of the mushrooms. Well done.

  13. Hey, it’s been fun stopping by. I really liked your photos of the Oregon grape (we call it mahonia back East). The close-up of their yellow flowers reminded me of how wonderfully fragrant they are if you get that close to them!

  14. 14 marco

    I just got cut out of my 5 yr hunting area near Chewelah, I am considering going up to Ione or newport area to hunt whiteys.
    If you have any tips or hints contact info for any private land owners that are flexible with hunters, drop me an email.

  15. Chuckle, chuckle…. and LOL as the kids write. You should write comedy.
    Thanks for the support on my art. It is work but photography has its labor pains too. One of my best friends is a fine arts photographer. Her website is linked on my blog. Check her out…Cordelia Williams. She paints on her photos some and has not gotten herself out of the dark room yet. We old timers are sometime stuck in our media.

  16. Love the photos & writing, Aullori! I 100% support hunting for food, although I admit I have a hard time with trophy hunting, as it seems wasteful. And I agree about funding – some (most?) of our local national wildlife refuges are funded by hunters. A recent thread on one of the birding email lists I read suggested that bird-watchers buy hunting stamps to fund the preserves.

  17. Hi Barbara, yeah who’da thunk it? Thank you for visiting.

  18. Hi Bobbie, I was surprised (delighted) that the mushrooms turned out so well. I still wish I knew what species but I guess that’s a lesson for another day. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  19. Hi Marilyn, Funny…. as often as I got really close into to photograph I never took time to “smell” the flowers as they say. That’s on my agenda this next spring!

  20. Hi Marco – you didn’t leave an email address… opps. My suggestion if your okay going it alone or with a couple of buddies? Sherman Creek area – very few hunters and lots of wildlife. Moose, bear, and both mule and white-tailed deer. Hunting season the tourist disappear – there is an outfitter in that area as well (where you hunt on their ranch names; Joe Rasmussen.) Hopefully that helps out pretty good. This area for some reason few hunters go to Sherman Creek area so you’ve got a layout for miles and miles. (If you’d like more specifics feel free to email me; aullori@hotmail.com )

  21. Thanks Adam, I’ve never met a trophy hunter myself (I’ve only read about them in books) so I agree with you completely – only for food. The funny thing is we buy hunting licences even if were too busy to hunt which happens often when were getting ready for winter. This year it turned out that way too. Neither of us (both hubby and I) feel like it’s wasteful because it goes right back into the forest that gives us so much. (photos, hikes etc…) I don’t think everyone does that out here but quite a few do. p.s. I’ll look into those stamps.

  22. I really enjoy your blog and your photos. Must have been pretty cool to see someone from National Geo leaving you a comment.

    We also live in Wa. and we have many friends who hunt as well. My husband is taking his first hunting safety class and I have no problem with is as long as it is for food. I have never met a trophy hunter either – I just don’t see the logic.

  23. Great mushroom shot. I don’t mess with mushrooms. I’ve got a friend that harvests them and eats them. I’d be afraid of picking a bad one even if I thought I had it labeled right!:)

    I worry to what the future will hold will all the country boys are gone. For years they have been the backbone of our military. Just read what any general said was their favorite soldier.

    Media is quickly ruining a lot of things such as sports. As much as I used to love sports they are quickly burning me out. Used to football could be a vehicle to train a young man a lot about life but more and more that magic is being taken away. A travesty!

    Great article and congrats on the awesome response. Perhaps a National Geographic article writing career in the works?

  24. Those are somw awesome photos. My favorite one is the colville pic.

  25. In my opinion you commit an error. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

  26. Just to let you know your web page looks a little bit strange in Safari on my notebook using Linux .

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