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book cover meme


I’m not usually a follower however, If I were to follow in some one’s footsteps Adam’s is a good man’s steps to go along with. He posted a very funny book cover with his name in it. Guided by Winterwoman – here is his post. The trick is to go into, head to the Advanced Search page […]

My husband went and did something really crazy. He got me a Canon D400 camera (which is the newest rebel xti) and in the process of doing so made it almost impossible for me to pick up my kodak in anticipation of shooting with the new guy. (This is due on the 23rd and just […]

Just a couple more shots I took while on the boat with my brother and hubby last week. I kind of forgot to post them. *blush* okay, a sailboat – not with the kind of background your probably used too… a scenic shot. In photos like these you can see how the glaciers tore through […]

Painting artist (Boyd Greene) wanted to see a bit on the quilt I’m working on. Thanks for asking. I keep offhandedly mentioning the work without any photos and I suppose that isn’t very fair. Right now I’m working on three projects. I find that I work faster and better if I keep pressing away at different […]

My brother came a visited for five days so we got in the boat and we tried a bit of fishing. We didn’t catch much but I did get a chance to stop working on the binding of my almost finished quilt and take a few shots. (this will be a few posts only because […]