Out on the Lake


My brother came a visited for five days so we got in the boat and we tried a bit of fishing. We didn’t catch much but I did get a chance to stop working on the binding of my almost finished quilt and take a few shots. (this will be a few posts only because there were a lot of water birds out on the Columbia River.)

Canadian Geese

Canadian Geese.

Canadian Geese Also

A bit closer.

Canadian Geese in Flight

In flight.


And a barely visable Blue Heron.


17 Responses to “Out on the Lake”

  1. 1 montucky

    Very nice shots of the geese! That’s an unusual pose by the heron, that far from the water. It turned out well! I suppose that’s his attempt to hide in the leaves? They are beautiful big birds!

  2. Its always fun to get out in the boat to do some exploring! Love all your photos and the Great Blue Heron is my fave!

  3. I have always been fascinated by the concept of fishing: it’s an utterly romantic thing to do, for me. The only hurdles being, though, that firstly there is no water body near my locale for it to be possible; and secondly I don’t eat fish or meat! [Am a vegetarian by choice – just find it gross to eat this stuff].

    And yes, the shots are beautiful! 🙂

  4. wow, these are beautiful shots. the one with the birds in flight is awesome! the blue heron is lovely! nice work.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time Lori, the bird images are wonderful, nice job capturing the geese in flight thats a tough shot to catch. 🙂

  6. Beautiful! I especially love the birds in flight photo.

  7. Between you and I Terry, I was shocked I saw the heron on the creek bed, he was a trick of the eye, and no one else picked him up. It was tricky to take photos on a pretty rocky boat but I enjoyed myself so much I didn’t mind not having perfect shots so much. 🙂

  8. Hi Monarch, thank you. I’m going to try and post a few more of the heron on flickr because I’m pretty sure of my id but… maybe not. Handsome fellow none the less. Thank you for visiting. 🙂

  9. NARZISS! I’ve missed you! I have to visit your site and consider your beautiful philosophy more often. Meanwhile, thank you for visiting! I’ll stop by – things have thankfully calmed a bit, I’m glad your such a patient young man. Thank you for your visit and your faithfulness. p.s. on the day I fished I was a vegetarian as well.. but not so much by choice. 😉 good for you.

  10. Thank you Ankush I decided I needed at least a day to probe your site. You’ve done some beautiful work while me and my brother sipped on whiskey and lied to each other!

  11. Hi Bernie, thank you. (This is one of those awkward moments that often happens at a cocktail party where you want to say a lot but can only come up with, “well, thank you.” And then you spend the whole evening replaying the event and wish you said something more profound…. and you come up with about six witty saying that could have been said… ekkk) Only Charlie Brown can relate? I’m afraid? Thank you Bernie. My frustrations? the dang boat just never stopped moving.

  12. Thank you Teaspoon, I’m amazed you stopped by again thank you. I btw adore your stories of apartment living, pups walking loudly, annoying neighbors… I really do recall those days. I read your blog a lot but don’t comment 100% only because you’ve got it so together that anything I might say sounds a bit trite. So I just shut up and enjoy how well you really write.

  13. I almost always read your blog, aullori. I found it through Terry’s blog and I love your pictures. I’m very nostalgic for that part of the country… I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my blog as well, although I’m certainly not as together as you think! Thanks, though!

  14. We have Canadian geese all over a park lake where I walk my dog. They don’t ever seem to leave. Why should they? They get so fat from being fed by passers by. I wish there were some way to stop that. I actually feel sorry for those geese.

  15. Beautiful shots Lori. I can’t wait to see your quilt. Can you give us any hint shots?

  16. Hi Nouveaufauves, these guys are a bit more wild I think… getting close to them is a trick (and being blessed by the muse of the moment who leads you to geese shots….) Honestly, in this area there is so much food that the Canadian Geese don’t really have to prostitute themselves. (wow, was that proper? forgive my ignorance with the English language.) These guys and gals are tucked in the most quiet corners of the lake and honestly I was kind of surprised they had not wandered off to a warmer spot. But I’m new at birding so like a child I’m pretty new at who decides to stay and decides to go…. I can understand your sympathy of the fellows in your area. 😦

  17. painting artist, there is so much rain as of late so consider it done. I’ll shoot up a photo on the quilt I’m binding today. I have three projects in the works and will discuss them in this next post. thanks for asking…

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