second day on the lake


Just a couple more shots I took while on the boat with my brother and hubby last week. I kind of forgot to post them. *blush*

okay, a sailboat – not with the kind of background your probably used too…


a scenic shot.


In photos like these you can see how the glaciers tore through the mountains in this area, they are jagged and torn up, in some places a bit like a zipper.


a photo I caught while the boys were docking the boat at the end of the day.



14 Responses to “second day on the lake”

  1. looks like such a wonderful time and I would have loved to be out sailing! I was probably 16 years old the last time I was out sailing!

  2. 2 montucky

    I always enjoy seeing the area around you. The abrupt contrasts in the photo of the sailboat are really pleasant!

  3. Your images are beautiful Lori, you live in such a amazing area, it must be wonderful to have such lovely views everyday.

  4. Beautiful photos Lori. Your area is a so beautiful. I love the last image’s tones as they make a really neat composition.

  5. wow, the mountains are beautiful! lovely shots.

  6. Monarch, this guy was really having a wonderful day. The sun was out but it never got really over about 50 degrees but the sun was bright. It was probably his last bit of sailing for the season. This (kind of like the great lakes) is a really good area for those who like to sail inland. Less wind and no sharks. 🙂

  7. Hi Montucky, I was kind of stunned like you… what a contrast fir trees and sailing do those two things ever go together? Thanks for the praise but I was lucky to be out on the river. (still would have loved to catch a few trout tho… the good news is fishing is year round on the Columbia so we’ve got plenty of time to perfect techniques.)

    p.s. I fished with a fly like you suggested and nothing really came of it. Dang… eventually something will catch these guys’ eyes. 🙂

  8. Thanks Bernie…. I’m still working on attempting to find the “most perfect camera” for me in my price range and hopefully my images will improve. Thanks for visiting. 🙂 Hubby has been cool about my constant chatter about exposure, light, etc… He keeps likening it to a gun and then can understand me a bit more. The man has the patience of a saint.

  9. Painting artist, just for you I’ll post a couple more.. light really speaks to me at the end of a day so, this lighting was perfect. I really loved that one too. A photographer recently said that photography is all about learning to “make love to light” it’s esoteric but I completely agree. To me (in a way) it really spoke of all the days I camped and it was time to go home, or go to the smores at the campfire or go to bed… Thanks for mentioning it because it also became my desktop.

  10. Thank you Ankush, a compliment from you always makes me feel like those stoned out dudes saying “I’m not worthy” on Saturday night live. 😉 well, that is if you’ve ever seen those guy’s I’m guessing you a bit young to recall those particular idiots. But fundementally, thank you. 🙂

  11. 11 fairycross

    Is that a jetty there in the last photograph? Almost feel like I could dive in in looks so beautiful. Although cold I bet! 😀

  12. These are all wonderful. I love the lighting in the last one.

  13. Hi Fairy, nope – I don’t live on the ocean. I live on the Columbia River (so this is one of America’s largest rivers)Myself I prefer to swim in fresh water. p.s. your right about the temp the water is running on average a chilly 42 degrees and up the river is starting to freeze.

  14. Thank you barbara for visiting and for your compliment!

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