fall photos and etc…


My husband went and did something really crazy. He got me a Canon D400 camera (which is the newest rebel xti) and in the process of doing so made it almost impossible for me to pick up my kodak in anticipation of shooting with the new guy. (This is due on the 23rd and just like my guy he just could not keep the secret.)

So…. I’m going to post a few shots that just never made the cut. I never did tackle out fall very well even though I spent many hours wandering aimlessly in the forest to capture it. So I’ll shoot up a couple of those and then a couple of photos that really speaks of rural living to me.

Let’s for fun start with the photos that is so telling about rural living. Over here there are three bridges that crosses the kettle river. The closest to us is actually in the river, submerged in the water because they accidentally dropped it while working on it.  The second bridge that leads to the little town of Orient is this one….


The buses heading to Orient drives the kids via this bridge everyday…. me? I won’t drive it at all. (This is by the way why some of you city folks pay such high taxes, so your kids buses do not have to drive on wooden planked bridges.)

Here is a friendly non-spooky version of the same bridge – the one I like to look at and think my kiddos are being hauled across….


This mural is located in the gym of Orient school. It made me laugh. This only goes to prove there are some really tough hatchet wielding ladies in these parts. Proper credit is due; it was painted by Rachill in 2001. {I’m pretty sure I posted this once before but thought it was worthy of repeating for any new pals that stop by.}


Okay a few fall shots; Here are ones where me and the pups were wandering through the choke cherry bushes….



and then cool! we found an abandoned birds nest…


and so far the only little moth that has not went into hibernation. These tough guys are still hanging around.



16 Responses to “fall photos and etc…”

  1. Lori I am loving the images from your new camera. What an awesome gift for a wonderful photographer! The first image is just pure magic and the lady with a hatchet is must see blogging! Lori I hope you and all of yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I can’t wait to see you new Cannon pictures! How exciting! I really love the bridge photos and your birdnest! Yeah!! 23rd right? Happy Thanksgiving my friend and glad we have crossed paths!

  3. 3 montucky

    Great to hear about the new camera! I’m really happy for you!

    I love that bridge!Haven’t seen any like it for a long time. I’m amazed at the moth still out. You must be much warmer at night now than we are.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. enthralling photographs! And, my heartfelt congratulations on getting a new DSLR! I, too, am going to get one in the middle of next month, which is why my photoblog has been lying dormant- I have been using a silly point and shoot camera up until now, and cannot wait for the promotion! 😀

  5. 5 fairycross

    Wonderful photographs! I love the bridge ones! Great perspective, they really lead you into the picture. The colours on those leaves are amazing!

    Congratulations on the news of a new camera on the way!.. bet you can`t wait 😀

  6. You are going to love the camera Lori, just be very patient with it, it will open up a whole new world to you.

    Have a great Thanksgiving today as well 🙂

  7. Hi Painting artist, these photos was the old camera… I’m just waiting for tomm. :)Thank you!

  8. Thanks Monarch, I am thankful as well to have met you and your little naturalists. My favorite thing in this world is running into anyone who has found their passion and you would be one of the select few. That is (by the way) why you rock!

  9. Hi Terry, we’ve stayed warmer than we have in a long time .. the lack of snow and etc is a bit mindboggling to me. (We are usually sledding on the mt. around Holloween… oh, well, go figure.) That bridge I’ve had to drive it a couple of times – it’s a funky feeling when you feel the planks move under your wheels! Happy thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

  10. Thanks Narziss, I’m so utterly excited. Like Bernie mentioned I hope I don’t get frustrated because of the step up but I think I’ll do okay. I no longer do many auto shots on the kodak but I think this will still be a change but one I’m really looking forward too! Thanks for visiting I cannot wait to see your photos on your blog when you post them.

  11. Hi fairy thanks for the compliment!

  12. Hi Bernie, my best guess is I’ll be having my face in books for quite awhile, but that’s fine it gives an old lady something to do. 😉

  13. wow, awesome set, i love #2 the juxtaposition of man made geometric bridge with nature creates a dramatic effect. nice angle.

  14. Lori these pictures are beautiful – I look forward to seeing the ones from your new camera. Like Bernie said “be very patient with it” — but have tons of fun and take lots of pictures.

  15. Hi Lori! I stopped by again to tell you that the National Geographic international photo contest winners and runners-up are posted on our site now, and I thought maybe you’d like to take a look:

    I love your photo of the scary bridge, especially how the rivets are so sharp, and the colors in the chokecherry photos. Hope you have fun with your new camera!

  16. 16 NHmomto1M


    Congrats on the new camera. My DH has been researching cannon DSLR’s for a long time now.. He said you should really like this one.

    Send along regards to my U JA.

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