book cover meme


I’m not usually a follower however, If I were to follow in some one’s footsteps Adam’s is a good man’s steps to go along with.

He posted a very funny book cover with his name in it. Guided by Winterwoman – here is his post.

The trick is to go into, head to the Advanced Search page and type in your name. Post a photo of the book with the most interesting cover. My name was tricky, very few of the books got the spelling correctly and thus, here is my result.


I chose this one simply because of the bird on the little kids head. The crux of the story is about a little boy (Lori was a common boys name in our historical past) attempting to go to Time’s Square. He eventually runs into a turtle who shows him around and it takes them about four months to get the job done. I guess the moral of the story is to slow down.

Meanwhile, the copyright date is 1963.

I had to bypass quite a few titles it seems my name, spelled correctly, is associated with a rather seedy underworld….


7 Responses to “book cover meme”

  1. Only one glance and I knew the bird boy was a Maurice Sendak and it’s a wonderful book. What a fun idea.

  2. You’ve proven once again why you are such a cool chick! I saw a book a while back in the book store that at first glance made me think it was about my great uncle but it was not only a similar name. Your article made me think about it.

  3. 3 fairycross

    I have tagged you by the way in a meme I was tagged in! It`s quite a good one about 7 facts about yourself!

    Here is the link to mine:-

  4. hehe…nice one! 😉

  5. These are really neat Lori, how you been? I found you on flickr as well sometimes I am really slow.

  6. Hi Fairy,

    I didn’t ignore you about your post and read thru yours. I tried like heck to find seven things that people would hate to know about me – so I’m still working on the post. :o) I know I know what a slow chick!!

  7. Bernie, I sigh with this your anything but slow… amazing, an artist.. but slow?… Oh stop mocking me. 🙂

    I’m glad you noticed my flickr page I love looking at yours.

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