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well I didn’t drive out of sight but… Blessings to you and yours p.s. and for those of you whom I admire and don’t do Christmas happy holidays. Advertisements

I kept promising an update on the local birds who decided that they enjoy snow as much as I do. So far here is the list – some of the species were decided based upon the simple fact that they were guys who sometimes hang out in this area year round. First let’s start with […]

I don’t really want to get too talkative about this issue – let me just say I love the snow. Today we got a huge dump and between a day and a half it’s worked out to be about eighteen inches all together and by morning I expect it to be about two feet… and […]

I’ll shoot up real soon a bird update and yep, they are still hopping in the trees…. meanwhile, I really liked the pastels of this image… A boys escape… Okay a couple of my favorites now… Patch and Bear were working out issues that only a pup can fully understand. based upon the look on […]

Hopefully I have not startled or offended any pals out there – this time of the year I cannot seem to get away from going outside. When I was about 33 my husband introduced me to snow-pants. As soon as he did this I became addicted to winter hiking, the funny hat hair, the absolute […]