Merry Christmas….


Hopefully I have not startled or offended any pals out there – this time of the year I cannot seem to get away from going outside. When I was about 33 my husband introduced me to snow-pants. As soon as he did this I became addicted to winter hiking, the funny hat hair, the absolute silence that welcomes me when I go outside and the hot buttered rums that welcome me back in. Thus, in winter I blog very little. (I get so much more responsible when we go into our spring thaw….)

So let me do this now first, just in case between the holiday spirits, the over indulgence of wine and the consistent hiking I forget.

Merry Christmas. (It’s early but I wanted to be the first.)


snow man

Here are a few shots I’ve been working on; I read somewhere that when snow is around and about you alter the exposure – I think I went a bit too far but man, I really love a darker image. (Must be all those Stephen King books I read as a teenager.)

Anyway, a couple shots.



in a stump

a photo of the inside of a stump…

oregon grape winter

and the winterized version of oregon grape….


7 Responses to “Merry Christmas….”

  1. I sometimes find my shots being darker! I love what you captured and you have done a wonderful job with them!

  2. 2 montucky

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. 3 Tracey

    I was 33 yesterday! 😀

    Love your photos! The shot of Pepper is fantastic! and Yes I love the darker photos here as well. I have gone for a black and silver theme with the decorations this year. Yes a little gothic, but I think I am one at heart! 😀

  4. Thanks Monarch – my daughter linked your naturalist’s bird blog. She thought it was cool. :o)

  5. You too Montucky, can you and your son hunt this holiday like you did on thanksgiving? I hope so – at the very least you can break out that chokecherry jam. blessings.

  6. Happy Birthday Tracey! (Guess what if I lived an age all over again it would not be twelve or even ten – my 33 year was without question the best year of my life. I really hope yours turns out twice as good.) between you and I – I went red and gold and my tree looks so much like a poster child from the mall that I shudder to share it’s image online. It’s too pretty! ekkk…

  7. beautiful shots, i love the doggy portrait…

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