Just a couple of shots….


I’ll shoot up real soon a bird update and yep, they are still hopping in the trees….



I really liked the pastels of this image…

a boys escape

A boys escape…

Okay a couple of my favorites now…
Patch and Bear were working out issues that only a pup can fully understand.


based upon the look on patch.. he did not win..


It’s okay I’ll give him an extra scoobie tonight…


10 Responses to “Just a couple of shots….”

  1. Aww, patch looks so cute!

  2. …truth be told, Sumedh, he’s my favorite pup. I love this guy with the same passion that an artist loves his brush. 🙂 So okay he probably got about three scoobies yesterday… I’m a sucker for a cute face.

  3. Both dogs are wonderful. Bet they’re great fun as photo subjects all year round.

  4. I love the action shots of the dogs! Bravo!

  5. 5 montucky

    That Patch is one photogenic pup! I just love the “boy’s escape”! Do you think they’d mind if I joined them?

  6. The pastel colors in the top photo are very nice, great shots here, I especially like the boys escape nice work Lori 🙂

  7. Hi Barbra, thanks for visiting. I’ll shoot up eventually a more flattering candid of Bear soon. The pups are honestly at my feet twenty four seven. These guys are my best buddies and yep, they are the perfect guys to teach me to shoot a camera.

  8. Thanks Monarch only goes to show animals look cool even when they are misbehaving.

  9. Thanks Montucky, my son would love a visitor in his tree house anytime. (My brother wants him to turn it into a deer stand complete with coffee pot) but Nick likes it a bit more rugged than that.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Bernie. The pastels were kind of a shock to me – it was a distant shot however, when all was said and done I thought it was relaxing. (Like a photo I could easily put in my bedroom.) My only prob. with boys escape is I probably would have been happier with it had I trimmed it better. Oh well, next time.

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