Let it snow… let it snow…


I don’t really want to get too talkative about this issue – let me just say I love the snow. Today we got a huge dump and between a day and a half it’s worked out to be about eighteen inches all together and by morning I expect it to be about two feet… and yes! it’s still snowing…

I can’t wait til Dad pulls out the toboggan and I can show you how we sled in these parts.

Here are a few snow shots really some of my first. I’ll look up and try to figure out what’s the best tech’s for my camera in the snow but this is really only an announcement of a sorts.



Believe it or not I moved on the coast for almost seven years and eventually came back because of the snow. Just found that unlike Bing Crosby I couldn’t live without a White Christmas.


6 Responses to “Let it snow… let it snow…”

  1. 1 montucky

    I love the snow shots! Keep them coming! Now I’m envious of all your snow. We have lots in the high country, but our ground is nearly bare here in the valley. Last night it rained for a long time. I see on the news the series of weather fronts that are sweeping in from the coast, and it looks like you are getting the snow. That’s great because we all need it. I guess Lookout Pass has been getting quite a bit, and they’ve had a lot to the north of us in Montana too.

  2. Hi Montucky, I know that snow is kind of a controversial subject it’s like mustard you either love it or hate it – unlike mustard tho the worlds fresh water (and mine) is dependent upon it. 🙂 I’m excited to learn to take photos in it solely because last year me and my family got hit by a rouge wave just outside Seattle and thus my camera was in the shop until spring… so other than point and shoot deals I’ve never been able to take photos of the snow. I’m loving the challenge. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Stunning snow photos and I love how you framed this shot with the pines in the background!

  4. Snow is a photographer’s friend – especially if she lives in a snowbelt. 🙂 When in Rome, do as the Romans do and all that. I love taking snow photos and I love yours. Have fun; maybe make a snowman too – good subject, doesn’t move except when he melts!

  5. Thanks Monarch – truth be told I’m having the time of my life! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Excellent idea, Barbara, we’re getting in on that! (as a side thought) We’ve decided next year we’re giving “snowman baskets” to all the kids we know. (A basket containing a top hat, a scarf, a carrot, 3 large colorful buttons, mittens, 2 lumps of coal and lastly, with a piece of paper that says, “snow not included.”) The idea came a little late this year to throw out but next year this is what the little ones are getting. It should be fun and it will get these guys out and playing.

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