The Winter Bird Update


I kept promising an update on the local birds who decided that they enjoy snow as much as I do. So far here is the list – some of the species were decided based upon the simple fact that they were guys who sometimes hang out in this area year round.

First let’s start with the bird I curse every time I’ve tried to take a photo of him. In the spring they look like they have this funky little band across their eyes (which looks amazing like birds “incognito” every time I shoot them I hear the mission impossible theme because it looks like they are wearing sunglasses.) 

Dark-eyed Junco (J. hyemalis oreganus) My guess is these guys are of the Oregon species.

Here is a Wikipedia page on this bird.

Dark-eyed Junco2

Here is probably one of the fastest birds I’ve ever tried to capture. Unlike most he swoops down, steals food, and flies away thus making him a bit too “flighty” to take a photo of – really bad pun intended.

Black-capped Chickadee (poecile articapilla) Of all the things I’ve read on the black-capped species this is my favorite page.

Chickadees Are Cold Weather Machines



This I believe is a local Song Sparrow (melospiza melodia) however, I struggle to identify the subspecies of him. This is probably a juvenile because it’s missing it’s little mark on it’s chest however, on my flickr page there are other photos of a different bird with the chest markings. (Anyone feel free and correct me here…. well, okay anywhere on this page..)

Wiki page on Song Sparrows



This flock began as a mystery. I put up the larger photo so you can get an idea of how many birds were in this tree. I apologize upfront for the electrical wire but I wanted to step back because the tree was full of these birds.

red crossbill flock2

Then I got a little closer.

red crossbills

In the end after blowing up photos I came up with the Red-crossbill (loxia curvirostra). I really wish I could have seen these guys a little closer to my feeder. Only one time did I see one of these guys on my feeder and that was about three years ago. I was sadly, without a camera, but was fascinated nevertheless.

Here is Cornells link on the Crossbill (with much better photos)

I only saw one other bird so far and that’s the Red-Breasted Nuthatch (sitta canadensis) – the photo was too dark (but is on my flickr page) I’m holding out for a better shot. My son asked me what are those tiny birds that climb up trees? and I had to answer, “it’s probably the red-breasted nuthatch” cute as a button they are….

peace and happiness, lori


7 Responses to “The Winter Bird Update”

  1. 1 montucky

    Lori, you’re getting some nice stuff with that new camera! I know exactly what you mean about the Chickadees and envy your shots! I have tried so many times.

  2. Wonderful photos and for sure those crossbills would be highlights for me! Bravo and love the way you framed the junco photo!

  3. Love the photos and words! Chickadees are great little birds. We don’t have Black-capped here (but plenty of Chestnut-sided), although Dark-eyed “Oregon” Juncoes are common, as are Song Sparrows. Crossbills are seasonal and local – I haven’t seen any this year. Great post – keep ’em coming!

  4. Great shots Lori, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the New Year brings you much joy and happiness.

  5. Whese shots of winter birds are a perfect Christmas (or whatever) present to us all. What a joy to see them. I see so few birds in the city. The shots of the birds in the tree are especially wonderful.

  6. I have been back here a couple or three times to look at these birds. Thought I would laeve a note to tell you this time.

  7. beautiful bird shots, love the one in the snow

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