The gleam in my kittens eye.



Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus)    {red-shafted}


Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus)


my kitten (Felis silvestris catus)


19 Responses to “The gleam in my kittens eye.”

  1. 1 montucky

    Nice shots! I’m envious especially of the flicker! I’ve not had any luck at all getting a decent shot at one! That’s a beauty!

  2. Fabulous pictures! That kitten sure is tempted!

  3. How wonderful and love your first two photos but once I got to your kitten, I thought AWWWW! Perfect focus on her eyes!

  4. Thanks Montucky, He’s a tricky guy but once in awhile ants get in between the boards on our deck – they only do this in the winter. He was completely taking advantage of this fact. I was lucky really – I took the shot through my kitchen window. (boy, I was glad it was recently cleaned.) Thanks for visiting.

  5. Sumedh, honestly, he really was hunting chickadee’s the moment I caught that shot. Well… he was trying he’s still a clumsy kitten. p.s. I looked over you photos. Beautiful.

  6. Thank you Monarch – I adore this little one. Being only a black cat I was amazed really how light alters the fur. I like a spunky kitten. They always seem to have the best personalities to me.

  7. Gorgeous photos! I wish I could take bird photos – but my timing is never quite right.

  8. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by. Because I want to see your birds (I’m greedy that way) here are a few hints. If your camera is point and shoot and your camera supports it utilize your “sports” feature; use that. If your camera is a bit more complex and don’t have it this is probably an okay place to start; SS 1/250 F5.6 iso:100. And take a hundred shots – at least that’s what I do. If I take 80 shots and they are all bad I just wait; time is a bird lovers best friend. p.s. checked out your blog. Loved it!

  9. beautiful shots! love the kitten portrait, beautiful lighting

  10. Lori, beautiful and incredible images. The flickr photo is … astonishing. I think it might be the first time I’ve ever seen one. I would love to see one of these one day. What an incredible bird.

  11. I have never seen a flicker, but your photo tells me I am missing out. Lovely.
    I just took my ‘first’ birdie pic with my new telephoto lens, and now I am ready to take the real photos. This spring it’s gonna be me and the birds! 🙂

  12. What a shot of the flicker. I am so intrigued by it.

  13. Your photos are gorgeous as always, especially the flicker. I’ve never seen a red shafted flicker, we have the yellow shafted here in Massachusetts. But mostly, I LOVE the photo of your kitty, it just makes me miss mine all the more! (She got to be 19-1/2 years old!) Does your kitty make a kind of “smackin” sound when it sees a bird? Something like “chi, chi, chi?” Mine always did, I figured that sound was equivalent to a “purr of contentment!” 😀

  14. More like a hunting instinct. I had a cat that lived to be 18 1/2. He was my baby. Our cat photos always seem to stir up extra traffic on the blog. Must go photograph mine some more.

  15. Thanks ankush – mostly for visiting. A compliment from you is probably something like someone with a polaroid camera being complimented by Adams. 🙂

  16. painting artist – thank you for stopping by… I wish I would have gotten him in flight. It is so full of color. (But that’s okay – one day I’ll catch the guy in flight – it’s nice to have a goal.)

  17. Thank you nouveaufaves, my daughter helped me out a lot with this shot. (She’s a bit of a budding artist herself but more in line with the art you create.) He looks very contented on our deck.

  18. Hi Janet, I would love to see your yellow-shafted guy. I was completely unaware of the bird until I researched a bit on the red-shafted. I bet your bird is a beauty as well. Yes, as a matter a fact our cat does do that.. he really is totally black and I’m completely enamoured with him. By habit he refuses to come in the house even in the coldest weather so we had to outfit him with a “cat” house of a sort complete with heat lamp to keep him and his water warm. between you and I – I think he thinks he’s a cougar. 🙂

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