photographing by the light of a full moon


{the moon that night}

{photos taken with the moonlight as the only light source. I have plans to play with this concept some more…}moonscape2



14 Responses to “photographing by the light of a full moon”

  1. 1 montucky

    You are right, Lori. That is a concept to spend some time on. You have a good start. I love those clear winter nights with a full moon, but have never tried photographing anything. Great idea!

  2. Wow, that’s awesome. I love the lower picture…it’s beautiful.

    Just another reason that the PNW rocks.

  3. Such a great idea and I love how much you can do with moon light! I love the house in the right that is apparent!

  4. Very nice moonlight shots Lori. The moonlight mixed with the snow as a reflector makes a neat effect. Nice moon shot as well.

  5. Hi Montucky, as you know a person can turn off the headlights under winter conditions and drive down the roads. (My hubby has done it enough to scare the wits out of me… well, until my eyes adjust anyway.) And hiking is as easy as doing in the day. One day I hope for a warmer winter night so I can sled under these lighting conditions. Thanks again for visiting! Your presence is always a welcome sight.

  6. Thank you Bryson, and thank you for stopping by. I have to wholeheartedly agree this area we live in is indescribable in its beauty and I love how “easy” it is on the eyes. p.s. I’m pouring through your blog and I’m finding it fascinating.

  7. Monarch – once again friend a pleasure. Yes, they are our neighbors, and really wonderful people. Everyday the mother walks with her two dogs along with her children down the road. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll keep playing with the idea but really… I can only mess with it for a week – under perfect conditions and right now we’re at crescent moon.

  8. Painting artist, I almost took the second photo out.. however it has the trail that patch has cut going down to the creek. We know it’s his because the funky guy always walks in a circle before he runs off. It’s almost a puppy portrait of the antics of my goofy dog. At least in the same kind of spirit of the art created by the aboriginal indians of Australia. (Their method of art has never failed to fascinate me.) I like the effect of moonlight on snow and I think next time I’ll capture it even better.

  9. Hey there! The shot of the moon is simply awesome! 🙂

  10. Thank you Sumedh… your quite a photographer in your own right!! (so I take that as the grandest of compliments) Thank you friend for visiting!

  11. Nighttime is fun! I love hiking, bicycling, being outside (but not driving) at night. I’ll have to do some night-time cityscape photography one of the clear evenings…. I like the moon shot, and the 3rd one is very moody.

  12. I’d love to see your cityscapes – in my case… I don’t think my little town is up past 8 pm. 🙂 Thanks for visiting again Adam.

  13. How fantastic to be able to photograph this….. waaaaaay beyond my capabilities. I am really drawn into these photos.

  14. Thank you Nouveaufauves, I’m hoping to do something like it for the eclipse but we’ll see. Thank you for visiting. I think your a fabulous artist!

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