Today’s photos and a thought…


“It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.”
~Ansel Adams

Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

red-tailed hawk

and just a drip of water (H2O, HOH)



16 Responses to “Today’s photos and a thought…”

  1. Beautiful pictures, ma’am! I just love the second one – perfect!

    And yes, it is indeed horrifying that the ones governing us are conspiring for our own doom (and theirs too!)

  2. The hawk is magnificent.

  3. 3 montucky

    The photos are great! I love the one of the hawk especially. That’s exceptional!

    The thought is indeed horrifying, especially because it is so true at all levels of government.

  4. Great photos, and a sadly-true quote. Fortunately, it’s not _always_ true – California State Parks just succeeded in blocking an attempt (by the feds) to build a toll highway through one of our state beaches.

  5. Thank you Sumedh – I linked yours because I’m loving how your moving with your art these days! Thank you so much for your compliment and for visiting!

  6. Thank you Barbara – to call that a lucky shot is understating it. He was moving so fast I had one shot and there you have it!

  7. Hi Montucky, First, thank you kind sir. And yes, the idea is terrible and to be honest I think a serious bill needs to happen. It’s tough to fight every little issue on environmental issues. It often times to me just feels so petty and certainly beneath a creature like the guy I had the honor to take a photo of.

  8. Right on Adam! I’m really glad to hear it…. a toll highway at that…. not only did they want to bust up the environment but they wanted to charge people too? nice…. I’m glad you liked the photos! Thank you once again for the honor of your company and for the good news!

  9. stunning photos and that waterdrop is amazing! WOW

  10. Once again Monarch I’m thrilled you’ve visited. I blush at the mere idea of any work I might expose in light of yours but your faithfulness does encourage me and cause me to strive to do that much better the next time.

  11. Beautiful shots. Capturing the drop took some real skill.


  12. beautiful shots and words. the hawk is very nicely done, what sort of equipment and settings did you use for that?

  13. Hi Sean, thank you for the kind words. A drop is really difficult. In the old days when we were film reliant I probably would have never been persistant enough to capture it. Thank you for visiting!!

  14. Hi Ankush! 🙂 (Canon Rebel 400d xti – with a Ef 75-300mm lens)(400 iso, f7.1 focal length 280, 1/2000 exp.)I handheld it (no tripod) it really was a jump out of the jeep bit. I was lucky because the guy flew right over me. I consider it the worlds luckiest shot – focusing was a bear at his speed of travel. (I’ve got others that took a lot more work.) Rumor has it – I seem to be having a good deal of luck with the lens. I think it’s because (like you) I don’t mind trying many times to get the shot.

  15. haha, thats awesome, yes, i know how challenging it can be to focus for these kind of shots. you have done very well, on this and also on the others you have posted after these. i am speechless….

    how did you know that i dont mind ‘trying many times to get the shot’? its true, but curious how you came to that conclusion…. 🙂

  16. o and thanks for posting the settings, i am just the more flabergasted now with your magical results….

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