Eagles (not the band)….


Juvenile Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Adult Bald Eagle



The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


14 Responses to “Eagles (not the band)….”

  1. These are all great photos but the one at the top is magical. I love the luminescent wings!

  2. Very cool! We don’t get many Bald Eagles in our area, although they’re around in the fringes of the bay area. Love the Emerson quote too!

  3. 3 montucky

    Great job photographing them! I know how hard they are to capture! I had not seen that quote from Emerson before, but it’s an excellent one!

    (By the way, I just tagged you for a new meme, if you’re interested in playing. The rules are in my latest post.)

  4. What can I say?! Especially the first photo! Just WOW! I know of professional photographers who’ve made their careers photographing eagles and hawks in flight so I know just how challenging it is to get these guys as beautifully as you have done here. Way to go! 😀

  5. The last picture is stunning. Such a silent testimony. Excellent photography and an excellent subject.

  6. Such amazing photos and for sure these are such stunning birds! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Kym, thanks for stopping by – I agree with you as well. The “fingers” on the tip of the wings amaze me as well. I almost didn’t post that one because his head was not as focused as I would have like but his wing was and that fascinated me just as much.

  8. Hi Adam, I’m a big fan of Emerson I still think he is one of the few writers who manage to touch on the beauty of nature. I think he taps into a honest awestruck appraisal of nature that usually makes all of us humans feel small in comparison.

  9. Montucky, The quote actually reminded me of you and your many excursions up on top of windy mountains with elevations higher than my bank account. I’m hoping at some point you steal it.

  10. Thanks Janet, Thanks!! You sweet words are really more than I deserve! 🙂

  11. Hi Monarch thanks for visiting once again!

  12. Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting! I admit he (or she) does look like a deep thinker.

  13. wow, these are fantabalistically amazingly awesome!!
    i love the birds in flight that you have captured, stunning! perfect!

  14. Thanks Ankush, I have had the stunning luck to be in the right place at the right time. (I hope I didn’t jinks it) thank you for taking a peek.

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