birds as of today…


Monarch’s recent post on his local birds actually gave me a bit of hope that spring is on the way;

I started, subjectively speaking, about 90% convinced however here is a short list of the birds I’ve seen recently. (not shown red-winged blackbird  and black-capped chickadees)

and…. many of them actually call this place home in winter…

wild turkey

Wild Turkey’s (Meleagris gallopavo)

Dark Eye'd Juno

Dark eye’d Junco (my guess: female Oregon species) (Junco hyemalis)

Onto the allure of ice fishing… first with the eagles

eagles fishing

and looking up the “skirt” of a juvenile Bald Eagle  (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

2nd year Bald Eagle 3

And the allure of water with Canadian Geese…. (Branta canadensis)

Canadian Geese 2

Canadian Geese

Canadian Goose

so as you can see I’m not really getting an increase on passerines however, I hear more bird song.

And guess what? I actually saw a ladybug on the side of my house. I picked it up. The good news it was alive! Between both the credibility of Monarch and the ladybug I now find myself completely convinced spring is in the air!

(p.s. Let me remind you all anytime a bird or animal is named on my site it’s name is always a link. Which is linked to another site that will give you lots of good information on that particular bird, mammal etc….)


10 Responses to “birds as of today…”

  1. 1 montucky

    You’re getting some really good shots, Lori! I like the eagle and the one of the Junco is really first rate!

    Just the last couple of days, we have gotten a few red-wings back and that is the first of the spring group we’ve seen so far. I have started getting the blue bird houses cleaned up though and the Chickadee houses are ready for them since they start nesting in March. Won’t be too long!

  2. Thanks Terry, I didn’t forget about the challenge I’m just brushing up the post. I think the redwings were my key also really – I think the fact that your finding ground to take photos of (with moss) means that yep, spring is coming. We’ve still got one solid (very solid) foot and a half of snow and in some places up to three feet and all the rivers (as you can see) are still frozen. It’s fun to take shots of the thaw tho I’m looking forward to that. p.s. when you get bored do me a favor and post on your chickadee houses (do you fill them with sawdust?) and bird houses I’d love that advice!

  3. How great and it is wonderful that you went looking for some spring visitors! Spring is gettign close and many more will start moving through here soon. Thanks for the link!

  4. Amazing. The eagle and turkey are my favorites. I should go up to the Bald Eagle nests near the Wisconsin River and see what I can see. Maybe inspiration for a today outing.

  5. Monarch – I think the rushing sound you hear in your ears is oftentimes applause for your work and your photographs. Linking you (and many of my other nature loving pals) is an honor. p.s. now I did see a house finch today and it rained. Yipee!

  6. Hi Barabra thanks for visiting. You do beautiful work. I’m convinced that the turkey is an underrated bird. I hope your nests are full today! 🙂 p.s. it was a tad bit disconcerting to be right under that really large eagle. (juvenile oh yeah right!) I only went there because mom had flown away from us. 🙂 Okay maybe chickens are underrated too.

  7. It’s interesting to see what’s a’wing in other parts of the country!

    Lucky you to have eagles, and good job photographing them! Both Golden & Bald are pretty uncommon here, although one adult Bald Eagle was reported 30mi south of SF recently, and a pair has been nesting ~50 miles SE of here for a while. We get many more Golden Eagles than bald in the greater bay area, but neither in SF.

    Love the turkeys – they’re such odd-looking birds!

    Your Dark-eyed Junco is indeed the “Oregon” sub-species. That’s the same subspecies we have here as well. It’s interesting how different the subspecies of Dark-eyed Junco are.

  8. The golden eagle (over in these parts) exist but they are the “golden ring” in terms of getting them with a camera. I expect I’ll eventually run across them in one of my outings. I totally agree about the subspecies of Junco’s they are so amazingly differnt. p.s. my wish with the turkey’s is to get a tom flashing so far no luck on that. (I tend to lose sight of the funny face when his tail feathers are out!) Thanks the honor once again Adam.

  9. lovely shots!

  1. 1 County Animal Shelters » birds as of today… Random Musings

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