Two Birds in Action


I’ve collected over my travels a few birds in flight which I liked. I thought I’d post them. I’m sure anyone visiting will recognize the birds. I find their action shots just as fascinating as their sitting poses. I’m going to start and end with my favorites; both black capped chickadees.

a chickadee flying away from the feeder

2nd year Bald Eagle in Flight

I believe this is a second year bald eagle


adult bald eagle fishing on the water

and lastly, my other chickadee favorite shot….

Chickadee in flight2

ripping off a sunflower seed

Okay okay one last photo…..


my kitty I think he is wishing he could fly


12 Responses to “Two Birds in Action”

  1. Great capture Lori, I would never have the patience for such a shoot, I really love the eagle flying over the shoreline.

    I think the kitty also might wish something would land 🙂

  2. I don’t have a knack for bird photos, but yours are great. I love the chickadees, but that bald eagle – wow.

    Lucky birds. Cats can’t fly.

  3. 3 montucky

    We sure like the same birds. I can’t ask for more than BEs and Chickadees! I love that 4th photo!

  4. The first photo is my favorite. I’m really curious how you’re getting these flight photos … do you have your camera set up with some sort of triggering device? Or do you just have a super duper shutter finger and an incredibly good sense of timing?

    I’ve gotta add, though, that your kitty photo is my ABSOLUTE favorite! He/she looks like he can’t understand why the birds would leave? “Where’d they all go?” 😀

  5. Hi Bernie, I bet your wishing winter away! I have to agree about the kitty I bet you he’s “unselfish” enough to wish for either/or.

  6. Hi Barbara, The bald eagle shot was another lucky shot. Thank you again for visiting!

  7. Hi Montucky, my guess, BE and Chick’s kind of hit that ultra spectrum from smallest to largest. (At least these guys do) I think that’s part of my fascination. Amazing at all that a BE can fly at all with the size they are and Chickadees are micro-little power machines. wow, what a contrast in nature.

  8. Hi Janet, no I tend to go old fashioned. I have a tripod and hubby is working on a triggering device. (Hubby’s a big fan of technology) however, I tend to like the ability to move my camera willy nilly. I actually just got curious. Chickadee’s are so friendly and I noticed that Monarch get such close shots. My new guess? You can get right in there. So I do. I recalled all the times I sat under a bird filled tree. So I just sat and waited and yep, sure enough their hunger was a lot more powerful then their fear. After a while they were flying all around my head – even with my pups at my feet. No magic there just patience. It also seems to help that I never look directly at a bird. (Someone told me somewhere that they mistake that for being hunted.) And that was the best birding advice I ever got. I bet ya Montucky or Adam told me that. My kitty’s a riot you’d think eventually he’s get that I don’t allow him there. (so far that lesson has not set)

  9. these are stunning action shots and the second chickadee is for sure my fave of the bunch! Keep up the great work my friend!

  10. ahh Monarch you caught me hiking with my cat again didn’t you? 🙂 My favorite is yours as well. I become very fascinated with what the camera reveals about these little birds. Amazing creatures. Thank you once again for the honor of your visit.

  11. beautiful shots. love the birds in action, the chikadees, and the eagle.

  12. Thanks Ankush I think what works with the eagle shot was I was lucky enough that nothing in the photo proved to be any kind of distraction from the bird. It took me about six shots to obtain that.

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