Okay okay one more bird page…


Being rather devoted to my backyard for the last couple of days I’ve gotten a decent look of the birds coming through. And some I’ve found really interesting. I’ll talk less here and put up more photos.

Cassin Finch
Cassin Finch (Carpodacus cassinii)

Redwinged Blackbird
Redwinged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)

Pine Siskin

This bird is probably one of my favorites. First, it was the first bird that completely confused me on my new birding lessons. And second, it is without question one of the most active at my feeders. (Either I draw up a wicked menu for these fellows or they are as trusting and brave as chickadees.)
Pine Siskin

Here he is with the goods. yum.
Pine Siskin
Pine Siskin (Carduelis pinus)

European Starling

This was the first Eurpoean Starling I saw this year. He was slowly moving down from the ponderosa pine. My husband has a tiny little furnace that he never uses in his garage. He’d like too. But two Starlings build a nest and has babies in the stovepipe. After three persistent years of the birds he’s given up ever burning anything in the little stove. And every fall when they leave he cleans out the pipe so they can rebuild their nest the next spring. I think he likes the twittering of the birds, he makes jokes about never being lonely in the garage when he’s working.
European Starling2

European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

p.s. I cannot ethically promise here there will be no more birding pages (I really love birding.) I will however try to mix it up in the future. 


15 Responses to “Okay okay one more bird page…”

  1. Great shots Lori, I really like the Pine Siskin, I promise to shoot no more floral if you promise not shoot any avian 🙂

  2. Send all the bird photos you have – they are so lovely, and remind me that soon our bird feeders will be happily occupied.

  3. Beautiful photos Lori, and I’m glad you can’t promise not to post anymore bird photos. Especially since you have bird species that we don’t here in the east, like the Cassin Finch (although we have got the Purple Finch, just not at my feeders). I so enjoy seeing what other birder’s in other parts of the country have at their feeders. So, please, post on with your bird photos!

  4. 4 montucky

    Very nice shots! You are getting some great bird photos! We are starting to get more species moving in now too.

  5. These all turned out awesome bird shots! Cassin Finch would be a lifer for me!

  6. beautiful birds

  7. I laughed at your comment Bernie cuz I instantly thought; heck, Bernie would stop shooting floral when hell froze over. 🙂 That truth made the joke that much more funnier. Good one.

  8. Thank Barbara, I’m still a bit obsessed – so many different birds are singing outside and I must have been a cat in another life. 🙂

  9. Hi Janet, I enjoy so much looking at other peoples birds too. I daily visit Monarch and Adam’s webpage for that very reason. It’s fascinating to other birds both the ones that visit all of us and the ones that are a specialty for just them.

  10. Hi Montucky, when they come in they come in loud don’t they? Good news – a few western bluebirds (your speciality) have been considering our bird house. yipee! They checked out each house we hung up – like, “how’s this one honey?”… It was always the male poking his head in the holes. 🙂

  11. Hi Monarch – the cassin finch was a lifer for me too. (Of course I’m so new at this that almost anything is.) At first I kept thinking I confused it with the purple finch but it was the eye ring that gave it away. (seems the only one with such a bold ring if I understand it correctly) I was pretty thrilled.

  12. Thanks Ankush. 🙂

  13. Aullori, I love your pictures of birds and animals – nature is so wonderful and magical 🙂

    I so admire that you get such close, clear pictures. I can never quite get close enough. And I love your shots of birds in flight – I’m never quick enough to capture those.

    Please keep taking pics and keep on posting them. I love visiting your blog. It is such a different world from Australia 🙂

  14. Great photos – I’ve never seen a Cassin’s Finch, and Pine Siskins just once or twice.

  15. Hi Adam, This was the first time I laid eyes on a Cassin finch and I was pretty happy about it. It seems that a male and female has nested in the tree so I should be able to see all of them before the end of the season. The pine siskin’s tho; they arm wrestle the feeder from the chickadee’s and just sit in it. It keeps the chickadee’s away long enough so that they can get their fill. So far there are too many to count.

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