Spring Firsts…


I like firsts they are without question my favorite things to do.

The first flower I found this spring…..

Montane Sagebrush Buttercup
Snow Buttercup (Ranunculus eschscholtzii)  Named aptly as they often show directly under a spot where snow recently melted.

The first Beaver I ran into this spring……..


One of my favorite facts about Beavers? When babies (kits) are being taught to swim the poor little buggers do not produce the oil that juvenile and adult beavers make. You know; castoreum or the oil that allows them to water-proof their fur and thus keeps their body temperatures up? Mom and family (usually a brother or sister) however just keep pushing the poor thing into the water no matter how cold it is. I can almost imagine Mom beaver insisting that “this hurts me more than it hurts you” or perhaps mumbling something about how it builds character. Dad isn’t around because the minute the female has the kit he, with solid judgement I believe, wanders off and builds a nest for himself until she’s done raising the little guy. This wise move may have something to do with why they mate for life.

Him leaving me actually was a better shot – I liked how he muddled the image in the water.

(Castor canadensis)

And the first time I identified the female Cassin’s Finch……
Cassin Finch Female
Cassin’s Finch (Carpodacus cassinii)

Sadly, the Cassin’s Finch is considered a “near threatened species” according to IUCN. According to them these birds seem to be declining annually at 2.3% annually.


22 Responses to “Spring Firsts…”

  1. wow! Never seen that flower! And that bird is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I am soooo envious of you and montucky, finding wild flowers this early in the season! For my area, yesterdays’ rain turned into snow showers and we’re expecting more snow over the weekend. 😡 I WANT SPRING!!!

    Still, beautiful flower and I love the beaver images too, especially the story of Mom, Dad and the kids!

  3. Congratulations on all these spring-y finds. I love the beaver, especially when he’s heading away. Those mama beaver are tough cookies, huh? Smart papa, though.

  4. love the second beaver shot, beautiful ripples, and he almost blends in with the ripples in the water

  5. The snow buttercup picture turned out marvelous as with the beavers!

  6. Nice glimpses of spring Lori. So nice to know it is right around the corner.

  7. Wonderful spring first that you found! almost a week away to make it official!

  8. Oh you live in my ideal fantasy land – beavers!! Makes me think of Narnia. And snow – how I would love to be in the snow right now (I know you guys have all had enough of it but we are sweltering here in South Australia at the minute!)

    I love the beaver story you have woven too 🙂

  9. Thank you Sumedh, your work as of late is outstanding. You are a skilled magician with a camera my friend. (I could not find a spot for comments when I do I’ll make them.) And so many in such a short time! All of that talent must have been bottled up! Brilliant work!

  10. Hi Janet, I can promise you one thing spring will come. I thought it would be late this year for us (the woolly bear caterpillar seemed to tell me so) but it wasn’t – just tons of snow. I must have misread his belly. Dang I hate it when that happens! If spring is late just blame the woolly bear caterpillar – I do. p.s. he’s way more dependable then the our weatherman!

  11. Thanks for the comment Barbara – yes, I admit I think mom should have considered the move first. (She is after all the one who went through labor…)

  12. Hi Ankush, that was my favorite shot too. It’s amazing really when your taking photographs of animals you cannot over think the moment ever, there are rare exceptions however, but in general blind luck often is your best buddy. (well, and preparing your camera for anything!)

  13. Thanks Young Naturalist J, once again by honoring me with your visit as well as your compliments!

  14. Thanks Paintingartist, did you enjoy your honeymoon?

  15. Hi Monarch! The flower was not a really big surprize on Montucky’s page he threw it up first. (that commonly happens with us) Thank you for visiting! 🙂 p.s. that line where someone called you “the bird whisperer” I almost shot coffee out of my nose in a very un-lady like fashion. I was laughing so hard! You’ve got really cool friends.

  16. Hi Zenuria, thank you for stopping by. I love beavers, my grandpa and I used to watch them all during sunset. This guy never even flapped the water when I got close. He came up – looked at me – I looked and him and he swam away. It was the coolest compliment I received all week.

  17. 17 montucky

    Glad to see you have the buttercups already too, Lori! That’s a nice photo! I’m envious of your beaver photos. I haven’t seen any for several months now. Nice to see the finch! That’s one I haven’t seen around here.

  18. Montucky, I saw yours first, and ID’ing them is tricky, so seeing a few here was not shocking. For the first time I had to pull it up – study the leaf etc.. I’m convinced on this ID tho. I’m trying to feed the finches well – what with the reduction in the species. I’m glad all the fires have been put out. Thank you for visiting.

  19. How gorgeous!. The beaver is a special treat. It must really be a treat for you to actually get to watch him. You must live near lots of nature. I am in the middle of a city. Your wonderful photography is so comforting somehow.

  20. Hi nouveaufaves, I had said earlier that the beaver had paid me the nicest compliment all week and then here was yours… okay, you won. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In my short history of taking photographs – you’ve just paid me the kindest compliment I believe I will ever receive. Bless you kind soul.

  21. The only flowers I am seeing are on my basement light table !!

    Great shots Lori, hopefully it won’t be much longer ! 🙂

  22. I once read a book about this woman who raised beavers in her basement: she flooded it, built a lodge and everything. At one point, a beaver died and there was a ten page eulogy in the book, at the end of the chapter, she mentioned her husband died. I wish I could remember what the title was. Back to the point, beavers are really cool animals. Their inginuity still amazes me. By the way, I’m back, if you didn’t already know.

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