I ran into….


another second year bald eagle hunting on the lake (Haliaeetus leucocephalus.) Just this season I’ve seen more then I ever have. I thought I’d quickly post a few shots of him. He was quite patience with me while I took advantage of his location. The shooting conditions weren’t perfect but then again they rarely are…

2nd year Bald Eagle

2nd year Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles are a unique bird not only because of it’s size and wing span but also because it is one of the few birds devoted to family. Very few birds mate for life but the bald eagle is one of them. I once spent a leisurely day watching a male bald eagle hunt for it’s lady on a sandy shore.  She just waited for him to bring her fish on the shore while he flew up and down the shore pulling up small mouth bass.

I’d chat more but Pepper (my little girl pup) is waiting outside the door for me to come and play outside! And I was hit with a case of tendonitis in my right wrist … my typing skills are really being hurt by this. So hopefully my pals know that tho I’m not commenting a lot on their blogs I am watching.  (I got it teaching my young gals the saxaphone.)

Meanwhile, I also ran into some Mourning Doves. Here is a shot of them roosting on a branch after I managed to spook them.

Mourning Doves

(Zenaida macroura)
Mourning Doves


8 Responses to “I ran into….”

  1. Bald eagle populations are really rising. We had the most eagles winter over in decades along the Wisconsin River. It is pretty exciting to see them in large numbers again.

  2. 2 montucky

    Nice shots, Lori! As far as I’m concerned, there will never be enough eagles and I’ll never tire of seeing them!

  3. That is great! Beautiful pictures!

  4. Don’t you love when you run into birdies like this! Bravo!

  5. Those doves are so cute!

  6. beautiful shots of the bald eagle

  7. They are actually wintering in this area as well, though I have never seen one, but along the Ohio river is a great to place for them to winter !

    beautiful images Lori ! 🙂

  8. Hi all thanks for the comments! 🙂

    @Barbara, I agree I’m thrilled and astonished. I think in the first fifteen years of my life I saw three and now, it seems every time I go out.
    @Montucky, Me neither; there are few birds that fly and stand so majestically. Just one brief glimpse never fails to impress me as well.
    @Young Naturalist J, Thank you. (you can see you inspired my comment section) 🙂
    @Monarch; Thank you as well and yes, birds are fun. I just hope my invasion isn’t giving them little birdy heart attacks.
    @Sumedh; I keep hoping to run into more. I found it interesting that the male was actually behind the female, who is protecting who?
    @Ankush; Thank you kind sir.
    @Bernie; Thank you. I owe a lot of my abilities to studying my favorite artists work. (like you monarch ankush sumedh etc…) you should check out sumedh’s link. I think you’ll like his work.

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