Only three photos today…


why? well, it’s a funky year. Hubby’s birthday was the 21st, our anniversary yesterday and of course Easter today.

 Happy Easter all! So I’ll limit myself.


Snow Buttercups


One of my favorite shots of the week, coming in for a landing, and…

pygmy nuthatch

Pygmy Nuthatch (Sitta pygmaea); Joe and I went out on a hike yesterday and heard this extremely loud thumping on wood. So we looked for the sapsucker or woodpecker that perhaps was producing the sound and ran into this tiny little fellow. He was high on a locus tree and I left in some of the new sprouts and locus pods so that you can get an idea on how truly small this tiny little guy is. I guess it only proves you can be little and still make a lot of noise. {I’m not 100% on identification so if anyone corrects me it will be welcomed.}

Cornell fast fact on the little guy? “No records exist of Pygmy Nuthatches roosting alone. They always huddle in a group, sometimes with more than 100 in a single cavity.”

Happy Easter Everyone!


11 Responses to “Only three photos today…”

  1. Where are you (and montucky) getting all these buttercup photos? It’s still nothing but brown in my area!

    My mother’s birthday was also on the 21st! Two “Spring Babes” eh! 😀

    Happy Easter!

  2. Oh that landing-bird shot is simply fabulous! Happy Easter!

  3. beautiful pics, happy easter to you too. i love #2 where the bird is about to land? perfect timing.

  4. Stunning Photos! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Hi Janet, actually we live in similar areas (much of our flora is either the same or similar) I think it’s because of the whole west thing; combined with a similar elev & etc… He’s got a lot more species than I’ve found tho! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Thank you sumedh, I finally dug up your wordpress page so I’ll be commenting more and I fixed you link on the blogroll too. Thank you for visiting! And I hope your Easter was a good one.

  7. You too Monarch – sounds like a promising time with your family!

  8. Hi Ankush, I loved that shot too. I really liked the buttercups because it seemed to be emphasizing the urge for the flowers to insist on spring – and natures little fight. But I really loved how the bird was landing and how interested the other birds seemed in his visit. I’m glad I caught the photo. Thank you for your visit!

  9. 9 montucky

    I love that landing shot! You couldn’t have timed it better! We have those little nuthatches too, and they certainly do make a lot of noise. That’s another bird that stays with us all winter.

  10. Hi Montucky, your exactly right, the little cuddle-fest fact I mentioned at the end is how they manage to handle our winters. Snuggling tightly. I say the method works really well – I recall utilizing it with my brothers when I was a very young kid.

  11. Beautiful images Lori, I especially like the buttercups, very nice work !! 🙂

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