House hunting on Feb 29th & a gift


I almost forgot to post these. Some Western Bluebirds checking out the accommodations we were attempting to rent out.

Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana)

Now jumping forward in time (to March 22nd) I had mentioned to Tom (Monarch) that my husband and I had been married outside. During the whole ceremony a Meadowlark had sat atop a five foot pine tree and sang through the whole ceremony. I have not seen another meadowlark since the day we married which was years ago. Interestingly enough my husband and I went on a hike on our anniversary and lo and behold a pair of meadowlarks sang to us while we walked.

western meadowlark

western meadowlark

I couldn’t get really close to the birds without spooking them but it was a nice anniversary gift just to listen to them sing.

Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta)

If you’d like to look at some brilliant close ups of the Eastern Meadowlark you can click this sentance and it will take you to Monarch’s page on them.


9 Responses to “House hunting on Feb 29th & a gift”

  1. I think your Western Meadowlark photos are stunning! How amazing they were calling one your anniversary! I think it was meant to be! Also, happy anniversary to you guys!

  2. 2 montucky

    Happy anniversary! And what a nice anniversary present!

    Those are really nice bluebird shots. I’ve seen several around here already, but I’m afraid the Mountain Bluebirds will take over the boxes again as they did last year.

  3. I’m wondering if we’ll get any bluebirds in the prairies. I hope so – my favorites by far.

  4. Thanks Monarch – these worked out to be some good far away shots but your closeups are amazing for such a usually shy bird. (At least these guys over here only let a person get so close before flying away.) I thought that is was really sweet that they were calling too. It’s funny because we were walking and I was telling Joe about your work when suddenly we heard one. I was as shocked that I recalled the song but the memory came back easily.

  5. Montucky, I’m kind of hoping that I’ll see a mountain bluebird this year. I caught sight of one last spring and took it’s photo but it came back blurry (it was what they would call a long shot) so far we haven’t rented out the boxes so maybe others will come. They took off as soon as I got the shot – they were having none of the paparazzi.

  6. Barbara, They are pretty little things; and the splash of color is always exciting! I hope a few wander in your direction and make some homes out there too.

  7. 7 Nouveau fauves

    What beautiful bluebirds! The Eastern bluebird is coming back. It was endangered earlier in my lifetime. There is some hope.

  8. That is wonderful news Nouveau fauves! Not only do I love a great Cinderella story but I love bluebirds too! (I’m hoping to catch a mountain one on film this summer!)

  9. This is the first time I’ve ever visited your website and I think the information here is simply awesome!

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