There are plenty of days I feel really blessed…


…and today is one of them. Yesterday I was running a 102 degree temp because my kiddo’s brought an illness from Orient school and the fever finally broke late last night. So I went back to the buttercups and took a shot at about six o’clock in the evening. The sun had not completely set however it had easily fallen just beneath the mountains.

snow buttercup

And I took that shot. The one where if given a ribbon I’m quite sure this little snow buttercup could easily compete with a rose – it is a beautiful little thing and naturally so.

Then it snowed today.


….and has not stopped since six o’ clock this morning. It reminded me I live in the mountains and that made me happy.

Then I stopped at a post by one of my favorite artists online and saw that even though life is strange and difficult it reminded me that we survive and she inspired me.

…And then I found myself laughing all day long sometimes about politics sometimes about the things that make us all human, our fights, our failures and our struggles to be better people tomorrow. I really did feel like just asking to be a little better tomorrow was enough of a request from life especially if it meant I was a little more human as a result. And I kept falling back to being inspired by my artist friend.

So I went outside and started taking pictures – who cares about the snow? It obviously didn’t bother the birds.

I watched these two fight so hard to get to the feeder and eventually they sat here to rest. And I was reminded that sometimes we need others, sure to help us fight but also to rest with us too. Sometimes you just have to sit down and let the fever ride itself out.

dark eye'd junco

And then I recalled the one bird I could never capture on film or otherwise. There is this medium sized bird smaller than a robin but much larger than a siskin that eludes my camera every time I try. I never take it personal and today the snow had pushed him up to under the pine trees. Today I actually took photos of him. And then as if to say, “I was teasing you the whole time” he even posed.

Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee

And at the end I was reminded how magical life is and how sometimes it does not even remotely feel that way. But as with all of my friends my blessings are yours and my thoughts are sincerely with you. And if you need a prayer I’ll do that too because as beautiful as life can be it can hurt a lot too. I did really think about these birds riding out the winter snuggled like the pygmy nuthatches as many as one hundred to a cave.  Or the crazy chickadees kicking their temperature down on the nights to adjust to the cold. And yes, I thought even about this Spotted Towhee who I know very little about but I know he survives. Just like us, through the fevers and the illness and yes, even at the cost of great personal loss. No matter how hard I look into myself I cannot find any inspiration there; but by looking at my friends and yes, even to the birds – it is only from that view point can I really be inspired.

To steal a line from Adam, to all my friends;


p.s. And to my artist friend thank you so very much and may you be so richly blessed because that is what, I believe, you deserve.


13 Responses to “There are plenty of days I feel really blessed…”

  1. Those are great pictures! I live in Seattle, but I grew up in the Spokane Valley, and I have to say, as great as it is to be in the city, nothing made of concrete and asphalt can compare to the beauty of nature, you know?

    Even photos taken away from urban centers are more beautiful and pure than ones taken in the city. I think so, anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. 2 montucky

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! You are so right about the inspiration that comes from the birds! They are incredible creatures and they do inspire me so very often. Their lives in winter can be so hard and yet they remain a cheerful sight at the feeder in even the worst of weather!

    I love these photos. That little Towhee is indeed a hard one to photograph!

  3. a lovely post, aullori.

  4. Hi Montucky, They really stump me and at the end of everything it makes a little fever seem very silly that’s for sure. I mean they are in a battle probably to difficult for me to even comprehend. The darned towhee is tough – it’s that funky orange-reddish eye… disappears the minute you take the shot combined with a very shy nature… I was lucky today.

  5. Thank you Barbara. {lovely friends.} 🙂

  6. First and foremost, I, too, am glad that you are feeling better. Especially, as I said before, you show birds that I will never see! Like the Spotted Towhee, here in the east, we have the Rufous-sided Towhee and, you’re right, you hear them long before you get the chance to see them. And then there’s the Oregon Junco, I did get “one” years and years ago, obviously a fella that had become lost. Normally, we have the Slate-colored Junco (I think they look like they’ve been dipped in flour).

    I’m STILL envious of those buttercups you and montucky keep taking! But spring has finally sprung here too … I’ve been out raking until my arms are ready to fall off. It’s nice, though, to stop and listen to happy bird songs.

    Take care!

  7. wow, beautiful bird shots, love the birds in the snow pics

  8. Hi Janet, well your welcome for tea or coffee anytime. I would love to see the rufous sided towhee just once myself – awhile back I thought I did but it turned out to be a spotted. Nice looking fellow tho. I found another flower but until the snow lets up for at least a week the little flowers here will stay dormant I’m afraid. Thank you for your kind words and lovely thoughts!

  9. Thank you Ankush! Birds in snow… usually I can’t get those but I think these guys were hungry.

  10. I hope you feel better.

  11. 11 Nouveau fauves

    These bird images bring such pleasure. I have enjoyed the birds this spring but you have captured a few forever in very real poses from their busy-ness. They stay so busy all day. It is good to see some of them resting…..all the aspects of our own lives are here.
    When I spade up the earth, I am visited by flocks of robins, all scratching and tugging on earthworms. I have nothing to plant but I spade up the ground just to watch the robins for a while.

  12. I feel great thank you for asking Science Guy! p.s. by far you have the coolest online name I’ve had the pleasure of reading. 🙂

  13. Hi Nouveau faves, Thank you so much for visiting! I can understand the urge to just watch the birds (well, as you can probably see…) Capturing them in one single moment in time is nice (for me) I do this because my grandmother was an avid birder and tho she had many faults she knew every bird she met by name. I was hoping to grow and be just like her in that aspect. Take all the good and dump the bad. The photography tho; that’s all inspired by my friends.

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