Tough Day at the Feeder….


I blame myself – I really do. With all the kids being sick, then myself, and now my hubby I had sadly, forgotten the birds. Today I went out and found one feeder with a lot of activity, only half full and it was snowing again. (All other feeders were empty.) I noticed that the birds get a little crazy when it snows. It must be some urge to fill up as soon as possible. Whatever the reason before I filled them I took some shots….


I kind of see that finch on the left of the siskin saying, “geesh will these guys keep it down…? I’m trying to eat!”


Now he’s the same finch on the far right and he still seems to be yelling at the other two.


Now with the finch gone – all the little pine siskins are battling it out for the right to feed…



In my opinion, they should have went on the ground like the dozens of other birds – it was safer and all it took was just pushing away a bit of snow.



Quick Bird Links of those so graciously appearing in this feature;

House Finch

Pine Siskin

Dark Eye’d Junco

Cassins Finch or potentially Purple Finch

And here is an excellent page to distinguish between the house, purple or cassins finches.


6 Responses to “Tough Day at the Feeder….”

  1. Oh I so love those action shots of birds in mid flight! You’ve captured their sense of ‘busy-ness’ perfectly.

    What is it about birds that is so appealing?

  2. 2 montucky

    Your great shots look all so familiar! We only use one feeder, but They seem to prefer the sunflower seeds that I spread on the ground anyway. When there’s a lot of snow I spread food under the shelter for our firewood and often there will be twenty or so under there. I enjoyed these photos a lot!

  3. I love the siskins and such activity with the snow you are getting! Ugg, I only wish this snow would stop falling!

  4. “Ugg, I only wish this snow would stop falling!” ~Monarch

    Hey Bro I completely feel your pain. They say it will be a week of snow here and I suppose the extra moisture will come in handy but I wish it was rain instead. Just give me another ten degrees that’s all I ask! The problem is I just don’t know who to ask. 🙂

  5. Hi Zenuria, I think almost all of nature is appealing because it offers a glimpse into the world of instinct, which is commonly ignored by us humans. The one area in which I completely respect Buddhism is the concept of studying nature and relearning those instincts. Rarely has it failed me when it helped me to make decisions on my own life. Life gets pretty frustrating if your goal is to get a new Lexus, however, if your goals, like the birds, is to eat today and find a warm place to sleep – a person can feel pretty rich no matter how they live.

  6. Thank you Montucky! They are some busy things – just scrapping for a few seeds. (So far like you I’ve never went wrong with the black sunflowers…) Thank you for visiting! p.s. great idea about finding a spot with no snow to drop some in the winter!

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