The Bravest Little Wildflowers…


Before I start babbling I’d like to first post a link to Montucky’s in the field woodland star – he did a fabulous job of capturing it and it’s completely worth a peek. Honestly I would have attempted to capture this in field however, there was just one flower and it was bitter cold outside! It was snowing and the snow melted once it hit the ground. I couldn’t stop shaking long enough to get a sharp image. So first, Montucky’s Woodland Star in field.

So I took what I could find “in studio” and decided to capture it there instead. Understand the size of these little flowers are amazingly small and to be honest this one was the littlest I’ve ever seen! (I estimate the size of the flower head – about 2/3 the size of the tip of a pencil.) Had I actually waited I imagine I’d find a bigger one but I’ve never been one for patience. So here are a couple of shots….

This one with the focus on the flower head. The Bulbous Woodland-star (Lithophragma glabrum.)

bulbous woodland-star

And this shot was purposely focused on the leaf which is the most common way of identifying a wildflower. And it gives a really good view of the “bulbs” that (had I not plucked it) would have turned into other flower heads.


I did go in the field looking for wildflowers today. I believe in dreams and last night I had one where I was wandering through a field of flowers so I looked and was rewarded with this woodland star.

I did capture one more in field Snow Buttercup (Ranunculus eschscholtzii) and then took that to the studio too.

Feild shot; the water on the petals was from the falling snow.

snow buttercup

And fooling around in studio (where it was much warmer) my pup kept his paw on my right shoulder while I was lying on the floor. Maybe he was trying to help with stability?

snow buttercup

Well cheers to the two bravest little wildflowers that are springing up even when we’ve had snow all week long. One thing I can admit they braved the weather much better than I did today!


9 Responses to “The Bravest Little Wildflowers…”

  1. Aullori these are just gorgeous. Fantastic photos. I love the idea of your pup helping you take the shots 🙂

    The field shot of the buttercups has such a sense of movement and dynamicism to it (is that a real word?)

    The woodland star is exquisite – it looks almost like some sort of insect or spider.

    Beautiful shots of beautiful flowers. (Love to see more pictures of the pup too 🙂

  2. 2 montucky

    You did a great job with these, especially the Woodland Star! That little flower deserves more attention than it gets. It’s so tiny, and so pretty! I overlooked it for years.

    We had more of your snow this morning so all of our blossoms are covered up now. They’re pretty hardy little things, aren’t they?

    Thank you for the link!

  3. Those tiny pink stars – aren’t they darling!

  4. Thank you Zenuria, I appreciate the compliment. I’ll see if I can include my pups in an upcoming post. (they are one of my favorite subjects.) As a side note; I’ll also spend more of this summer in studio with local wildflowers. Fundamentally I don’t think they get the press they deserve and taking a shots of a rose {and many other enhanced popular flowers}, tho perfectly pretty, is tantamount to taking a shot of a movie star with lots of plastic surgery; it’s boring, overdone and does not offer the photographer either a) a true representation of nature and b) much of a challenge. 🙂 Thanks for the nice thoughts.

  5. Montucky, providing the link actually was my pleasure – it saved me from the bitter cold as well as offered up a beautiful rendition of the flower in the field. (Had you been in that freezing weather you would have thought my link was a little less than selfless on my part!) This was such a macro shot some people may not have recognized it had it not been for your shot. So thank you for putting up the dainty little thing!

  6. They really are adorable Barbara – thank you for visiting and your kind words! 🙂

  7. Wonderful photos and they are great flowers that you captured! I am always amazed at how our early flowers are able to survive our weather!

  8. Love the picture of the woodland star. This time of year makes them even more beautiful.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Micheal – your shots are gorgeous! I feel honored after visiting your site! 🙂 welcome

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