A Squirrel, Springbeauty & Two Eagles


Today was much too rainy to be out and about. I made a few attempts to wander the backyard but the birds were hiding from the incoming storm. Not that I blame them; my children were too and it is very rare to see them watching television.

One a trip we made today I ran into this little squirrel. I always have a difficult time distinguishing the Douglas Squirrel from the Red Squirrel in these parts. My guess is this one is named Tamiasciurus hudsonicus or Red Squirrel. The difference is so slight and all stems down to the underbelly, which has more coloring on the Douglas Squirrels. In August it’s easier as the Douglas Squirrel has a thick black line separating his coloring on top from his tummy.

Red Squirrel

Now to one of my favorite wildflowers. I have not played with it in studio yet but will post photos when I do. This is the Western Springbeauty. It’s actually another one of the first wildflowers that spring up after the winter. Yes, yet another lovely sign of spring! I had wandered up to Kelly Hill Cemetery to go birding. I never take photographs of a cemetery as somehow it seems disrespectful to post the names of those who have passed. That said I was lucky this little growth of wildflowers were about a half a mile before the little cemetery.

Western Springbeauty

Western Springbeauty

The scientific name for this little tiny flower is; (Claytonia lanceolata.) I chose this photograph so you can see the blade of grass in it; it gives a really nice perspective of the size of these little plants as well as a size relation with the Snow Buttercups as well.

Spring Beauty & Snow Buttercups

Okay two more quick shots and two different eagles. I’ve posted in a few areas some juvenile Bald Eagles and I think this photograph does a really nice job of showing how the feathers change.
3rd year Bald Eagle
And one in flight…
Bald Eagle in flight 

Speaking of Bald Eagles… Now let me briefly add an environmental alert;  “Desert Bald Eagle listed as threatened” is an article from a birders magazine on the bald eagles solely in the Arizona and New Mexico desert region. For anyone in that area; you may find this interesting. Check it out especially if your a bird watcher because in the end sending a comment might make a difference in the outcome of these beautiful birds thriving in your area. {As a slight hint I’ve heard that if you take photographs include them in your environmental letters. Sometimes photographs make a bigger impact then words when we are talking about trying to make a difference in political decisions.}


5 Responses to “A Squirrel, Springbeauty & Two Eagles”

  1. 1 montucky

    Lori, you’ve had great success with eagles this spring! Nice shots! That’s a very pretty little flower I can’t recall seeing them around here, although a website on Montana plants says they grow in parts of western Montana. I’ll look closer now! Sending photographs as part of environmental letters is a great idea! I will try that!

  2. Hi Montucky, thanks once again for visiting. I hope you run into the little springbeauty I felt it was extremely lucky to catch them with the buttercups. Like I had said previously lots of eagles this year! They are such a graceful bird it’s almost impossible to get a lousy shot of them. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! (And if you every figure out how to solidly determine the squirrels species let me know!)

  3. These flower and eagles . . . stunning!

  4. Hi Monarch thanks for stopping by and the nice comments! Eagles and flowers… now only I would attempt to mesh those two things together…

  5. wow, the eagles in flight are breathtaking!

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