Nancy Creek, Female Red-winged Blackbird & California Quail


Hi. Today I’m just going to throw up random shots.

First we have this little creek down at the base of our mountain and today I thought I’d try and get a couple of shots for you. It’s called Nancy Creek. It’s a nice place to read a book in August when it gets very hot. Usually my flowers in water are taken on this creek.

Nancy Creek

Nancy Creek

This one was where the kids built a small dam. Reincarnated beavers? I dunno you decide….

Female Redwing Blackbird

Female Red-winged Blackbird – I think based upon the tugging she was finding seeds in the cattail.

Female Redwing Blackbird

Okay and lastly, this isn’t the best shot in the world but the markings on this bird really were so cool I thought I would share him none the less. I kept hoping for a better shot however, so far that moment has not came so I’ll just post him. It’s a California Quail.

California Quail

Cornell fun fact of the day?… the feathers on the top of his head looks like one feather but it’s actually “a cluster of six overlapping plumes.” Who’da thunk it?

p.s. I put all the birding links on the blogroll so if anyone wants to look further into a species that’s a great place to play around. If a bird is mentioned I’ll add him (or her.)

peace and thank you for stopping by…


7 Responses to “Nancy Creek, Female Red-winged Blackbird & California Quail”

  1. Beautiful, Beautiful shots! Love them all!

  2. 2 montucky

    Nice shots, Lori! The quail is a pretty little thing! That’s one we don’t have around here, but brings back memories of the Gambel’s quail in Arizona. Nancy Creek got me going too. There’s a Nancy Creek here too. It’s about 20 miles into the high country and a beautiful place, one of the spots I like to hunt for elk. It’s still under about 10 feet of snow now though.

  3. Thank you Sumedh – thats a nice compliment so far however, I haven’t even come close to your brilliant work. 😉

  4. Hi Montucky, The quail is odd… and your right the Gambel’s quail is often confused with this guy. (pretty similar) ten feet of snow… oh boy. This creek just started thawing enough to get to it. Up on the mt. it’s in about that… but down by us there’s only about a foot down there. 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful visit and offering your perspective on the shots.

  5. 5 Zobidssmoob

    Was ist das?

  6. Zobidssmoob, Über welche Fotographie sprechen Sie? Der niedrigste Vogel ist eine Kalifornien-Wachtel. Die anderen Vögel sind weibliche rote Schulteramsel. Und Fotographien des Baches in meinem Yard.

  7. 7 Johnc274

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