I Just Cannot Stay Away….


from the wildflowers… So here is a day in the life of me and my wildflower hunt.

springbeauty in feild (Claytonia lanceolata)

On some philosophical level as I got older I found that life really is about the small wonders – the micro-perspective. I’ve heard it said another way; the devils in the details. I’ve heard stop and smell the flowers. My husband laughs at cliche’s and then admits that they were created for a reason. In my opinion it is not necessary to enhance these moments. It is majestic enough simply to see them. Any person can wander in a store and buy a flower or even a bouquet however, to find them creates a hunt, a surprise and breathless awe. I see that every single day. Birds, flowers and the fundamental creation of life. Which is sadly missed in the busy nature of our lives. So I slow and below are some of the things I see…..

springbeauty in studio (Claytonia lanceolata)

It usually begins with Pepper. She is my smallest dog and she stares at me through the window with longing eyes. I don’t bother trying to let her in the house because if I were to open the door she would just stare at me from the outside. Everything about her stance says “I want you to come with me!” So I do – I get my camera, put on my boots and coat and go meet her. The other pups, Patch and Bear run up to us and we begin. They run down the hill while I slowly amble. It’s funny they treat me just like I’m part of the pack however, I’m probably the gimpy wolf who just slows them down. They don’t mind they will stop and wait for me and when I sit down they all sit too. To me family is just about everything and all other things fall into category two. Overall I have about 20 acres to roam and my pups always roam with me. Until….

yellow bell or yellow fritillary in feild (Fritillaria pudica)

My oldest comes running. He collects with me. This is unspoken and never asked of him he just shows up and we talk while we pick flowers. If I’m recording what birds I saw to report, he shows up takes my pen and pad and waits for instruction. If I’m collecting rocks so is he. Sometimes we do crazy thing with rocks, and pine needles and etc.. But today it was wildflowers so he stood next to me awaiting instruction. And while he’s handing me a yellow bell he will ask me what it feels like when God is listening and he will ask me the name of the flower. And so it goes, he just rambles on and on about everything that is important to him. {little trick; if you have a teenage son and want him to open up, do something with him – it works every time he will tell you everything he’s been thinking for the last month and then some, this is also true of husbands.}  I collect the flowers from his hand until….

yellow bell or yellow fritillary in studio (Fritillaria pudica)

My husband calls from the deck and sees me down by the creek. The uphill climb is about a seventy two degree angle that goes up for about three-fourths of a mile. He yells, “want me to come get you?” and I have to yell back about seven times “yes.” (neither of our hearing is that good these days) But I know what he’s going to say just like he knows I will be down at the hill if he cannot find me. Marriage is like that – full of knowing and that’s my favorite part.

bulbous woodland-star
bulbous woodland star in feild (Lithophragma glabrum)

He picks up Nick and I down by the road and we drive back and I go into Sam’s room. Sam is all smiles because she loves flowers like any young girl. In her room we set up the lighting box and she holds the lights. She asks if this angle is good, or that angle while I’m taking shots. I ask her to smooth out the lining and she just smiles. In the end she has a tiny jam jar full of wildflowers left on her dresser as a thank you for her help. I replace them every chance I get.

Sami's Wildflower Jar
yellow bells & western spring beauties

So quick dirty summary; We saw four flowers today spring beauties, yellow bells, prairie stars and snow buttercups. Today I bypassed taking shots of the snow buttercups. I was happy with the work today.

pink western spring beauty in field (Claytonia lanceolata)

Well I hope your day was filled with family and pretty tiny things too. Next time instead of focusing the camera on the flowers – I’ll do it on the family. So you can see Joe yelling at me from the deck, and see Nick picking the flowers and my pups waiting for me. Overall it’s a pretty beautiful world from almost any perspective.


10 Responses to “I Just Cannot Stay Away….”

  1. 1 Bo

    This is such a lovely post. How wonderful for you, land and wildflowers and a loving family. The whole post made me smile and think ‘thank you’ in my insides for my fortunes, also. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful insight into your life and family. Thank you for sharing this. It gives a real sense of peace and serenity. I too, love the fleeting and the little things of nature and of life. I am a sunset freak – always exclaiming over them – and then they are gone. But they were there and are so beautiful – especially so because they can never be recaptured…

    I noticed yesterday that after the rains we’ve finally had lately, my lawn has little purple flowers in places. They made me smile 🙂

  3. Thank you Bo! That is such a kind compliment. Overall I feel very blessed to be surrounded by the really nice people I have the honor of seeing everyday and I’m equally glad that they just happen to be my family too. I’m glad it made you think of your own. 🙂 I think almost everyone is blessed and gifted (you being a prime example of that theory.)

  4. Hi Zenuria, purple flowers… just popping up out of nowhere? now that’s really cool and just the kind of things that get me all excited. Now I imagine on some level this happened for many reasons; scientific, biology, spring etc… however, I feel it’s perfectly okay to think they happened because you were there to see it too. It is the same with a sunset – In this world all of these things can be true. 🙂

  5. 5 montucky

    Reading your post made me feel really good, Lori! I can relate to so much of what you said. Isn’t it interesting how paying attention to the small, pretty, harmless things helps bring everything else in life into a better focus?

  6. What lovely flowers! Can’t wait to get back outdoors and into spring next weekend!

  7. Hi Terry, it does not shock or suprise me in the least that both of us were out wildflower hunting yesterday. And I do agree paying attention to the little things do indeed offer a more realistic look at life. Great shots by the way on your wildflowers I’m still blown away that you got such a cool shot of that blue-eye’d mary… amazing!

  8. Thanks Adam, I’m glad your back and loved your shots!! Amazing work – only a great photographer can work and play all at the same time! 🙂

  9. Wow, so many stunning flower shots! WOW

  10. Thanks Monarch – I really do love taking shots of wildflowers… everything about nature but I’m sure you understand that… 🙂

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