Today’s Sights…


First, I was pretty excited to see that the Turkey Vultures had come back to the mountain. Watching them clumsily attempting to catch the wind in their wings is something else. We usually have quite a few on this mountain all summer long.  (I also know exactly where they roost which is actually a fun hike far away from humans.) I counted a total of six today.

turkey vulture

When Joe and I took the pups for a walk today we ran into a Red-tailed Hawk. I kept thinking it was the same bird as the one that has been cruising around my backyard. But nope… you can tell just because the second one must have got into some kind of tussle with another animal. This first guy I got about three days ago and then today the second one flew right over our head.

red tail hawk

redtailed hawk

If the missing wing feather is any indicator they may be different birds.

Then yesterday I caught sight of a Mourningcloak Butterfly or (Nymphalis antiopa antiopa.) Fast facts on this little guy. They like to station themselves on high objects and if you actually hold your hand high over your head he just might land on your hand. Some people take the butterflies reaction as friendliness however most scientist believe it has to do with instinct. {It will however impress a child or a date.} Also if you happen upon a male you’d like to take a photograph of he will immediately fly away at the sight of you, however because he is very territorial if you give it a few minutes, he will land in the exact same spot he flew off from.

mourning cloak butterfly

And today my first bumblebee of the season. She really busted this little flower apart trying to get all the pollen. The reason you can see her is because she actually broke a petal in her exuberance. I was pretty excited seeing her!


I’ve been keeping an eye on the feeders and tomorrow I’ll update you there. So far no real new birds to speak of however, a few of them let me get closer to them while they fed. I think with a bee, a butterfly and the vultures coming back spring is no longer in question. (oh yeah and my broccoli started sprouting too!)


5 Responses to “Today’s Sights…”

  1. It appears that your spring is coming along fast and furious! Send some of that this way will ya? We are “supposed” to reach the low 70s today … perfect! But, alas, it will not last … 40s again by the weekend. At least my crabapple tree is “still” alive … I might take some photos and post them. Hmm! Just for “proof positive” that spring is coming … eventually! 😀

  2. 2 montucky

    Wow, Lori, spring is much more advanced in your area! What a difference a couple hundred miles makes. Our Ospreys are again fishing the river, but I haven’t seen a bumble yet and you have many more flowers blooming than we do. I think your altitude (Kettle Falls)is about 900 feet lower than here, and maybe that makes the difference.

  3. I’ll send it along Janet! (I’m summoning my mental powers to send bumble-bees in your direction!) I had thought that the mouringcloak looked pretty close to your butterfly. And if that’s true then yours should be in the Nymphalis group. I keep offhandedly looking for the fellow!

  4. Hi Montucky, it could be elevation (that often makes a big difference) in my case my I’m a little higher then KF; my GPS says I’m at 2600 ft. My rhubarb is already going a little crazy! So far our weather forecast is amazing … looking at getting up to 60’s next week. I think the freezing has past but we’ve still got a lot of snow on top of bisbee… that’s cool a good snow pack is a good thing!

  5. Hi aullori,

    I’m planning to have another entry about my butterfly project(s) probably next week but I just thought I’d tell you that “I think” the second one is a Red-spotted Admiral. Not sure if you’ve got that in your area or not (and I’m still not ABSOLUTELY sure of its identification but pretty sure). I’ve got a couple more butterfly images to post too. Thanks for looking!

    By the way, I especially LOVE the bee photo! And, I’m looking forward to all that spring you’re sending here … it should arrive tomorrow! 😀

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