trying to give free time to everything…


I take a lot of shots and the key goal is to give them all time. From the small to the large. I keep avoiding waterbirds because when it comes to birding I am so weak at telling a mallard from a bufflehead. However, let’s see what we can do with all my endless shots just lying around waiting for identification…

Spring Whitlow-grass
This is a little white carpet that has come out out as early as the snow has melted. The little tiny flower is called Draba verna or more commonly Spring Whitlow-grass.

And speaking of tiny flowers… this was discovered almost the day after Montucky posted a really amazing shot on this flower. The discussion between him and Adam made it possible for me to identify the flower as Collinsia parviflora or Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary. (Thanks guys!) Here is Adam’s shot – and Montucky’s shot of the flower. (They both in my opinion did a brilliant job of capturing one of the smallest things ever seen by the human eye.)

Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary

Now let me hit you with two of my favorite shots of the week.

First the blackbilled magpie.


And an european starling.

European Starling

Okay that said let me get rid of some of these waterbirds.

Mallard Ducks

Mallard female and male


Bufflehead both male and female (the males are the one with the black and white head and the females have the black heads with the white comma on the “cheek” of the bird.)

Bufflehead in flight

Here they are in flight…

I’ll try in the future (if I get good shots that is) to put up waterbirds more often. To be brutally honest I tend to be lazy about id’ing them. I’ve also seen common mergansers and wood ducks and of course the ever present canada geese and one great blue heron. So far I’ll keep attempting to get better shots of those birds so that I can post them. I’m not a master by any means of shooting birds on water.

p.s. I also have this bird which I can’t seem to identify. None of the shots were great but this is the best one…

UPDATE: Thanks Adam for introducing me to this amazing bird. I spent a good forty minutes just watching this guy hunt from afar. He was identified it as the Northern Harrier by Adam and after comparing photos I have to say I agree! This would easily fall under the lifer category for me. I did get a couple of under belly shots and it had the typical dark lower wing markings of the male species. Thank you Adam! Wow, it’s great to have friends! Like I stated in my original post this guy was hunting by quickly (and thus the not so great shot) zipping low across an old farm field. Beautiful shot or no; I had to post him because he was such a joy to watch. It seemed to me to be a really cool method of hunting and unlike the other raptors I’d seen that usually roost or circle high. I only wish I would have seen this bird capture it’s prey!


unknown gryfalcon perhaps?

 p.s. big day today… sweet! The Orient School Science Fair. This year the teacher relaxed the rules so I’m expecting a really interesting show!


10 Responses to “trying to give free time to everything…”

  1. Great shots – you also captured the Blue-eyed Mary very well – I’ve seen them a few times, and they’re hard to photograph!

    Your last bird is almost certainly a male Northern Harrier, especially if it was hunting by flying low over a field, as Harriers do.

    Don’t ignore the poor waterbirds – we can all help you ID them 🙂

  2. 2 montucky

    Very nice collection of photos! I really enjoy seeing them all and comparing the species to what we have here. You are really getting some good stuff!

  3. 3 Bo

    I agree with montucky. It is great to see the variety of your Pac NW offerings compared with the North Central US. And those 2 shots, your favorites, are really wonderful photographs. Good photo hunting to you this coming week.

  4. well…the blackbilled magpie has a cute ass…lol! haha…
    but anyway, those shots are gorgeous. But I don’t care much about names and taxonomies of things, you know…if I find something beautiful, I shoot it. After all, names have also been given by humans themselves! 😉

  5. Hi Adam – thanks once again for offering up your wisdom on the bird! You zeroed once again perfectly and yep, that’s the guy! I have to say he amazed me! What a neat bird. I’ll do my best to shoot up the water birds I see – I’m still working on messing with my f-stop trying to get these guys so the water they are playing on does not wash out their colors. Like I said it’s nice to have friends thank you!! 🙂

  6. Hi Montucky, I imagine that duck hunting is just as popular in your area as it is in mine. What tripped me out going closer to your area was running in the american white pelican… rumor has it we have that around here but I have yet to see one. When I do you can imagine I’ll make a big deal out of it! I know you have them!!

  7. Hi Bo! Normally your site is the one I visit as often as Montucky’s and Paul’s. I missed it last night because of the science fair (good times had by all I must admit!) I cannot wait to check it out! 🙂

  8. Sumedh – the blackbilled magpie is my favorite bird and I loved the angle of that shot because his long tail was completely lost – I almost added the silhouette shot of him showing his tail but… as many shots as I post it must get tedious to the reader. Thank you for visiting once again. (P.s. they do have a nice bum… I’ll admit that as well!) Your photography is brilliant work!

  9. I love the photo of the ducks mid-take-off.

  10. Another series of informative shots. I find the flowers especially interesting. I have never seen them before…..
    and a Harrier. Wow. This is like a different country with different wildlife.

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