Stellers Jay and stuff…


Now with the trumpet playing in the background the Fox movie theme (um… okay I know the sound is out but let me just go on with the show just the same.) Here is the bird we call a blue jay over here. Of course technically speaking it isn’t a blue jay but a stellers jay. (The problem is we rarely catch sight of an actual blue jay in these parts so I guess most of us westerners just renamed this guy – well my family did anyway.) Other names; Pine and Mountain Jay. Sadly I didn’t get the a side shot but yep, this is the guy who comes in and steals the dog food pellets whenever he gets the opportunity.

steller jay

It was an extremely windy day as you can tell by his crest. It’s really windy today too – and that’s cut short my photographic journey. However yesterday my son and I went out and I gave him the generals on photography while we wandered in the old kettle area. I think yesterday when a black-capped chickadee let him walk right up to him and take a photo he was officially hit with the bug of capturing birds and wildlife. He is now showing off his photograph at school and is talking of creating his own blog. Whatever he decided to do with his photographs I’m happy to have the company on my hikes and he is your typical teenager he wants to know what every button does. {I guess I’d better pull out that manual then… *grin*}

steller jay

Here he is with his crown in normal mode.

While I was working on my garden the swallows were out in great numbers. I always wonder where these little guys land and when do they eat – they play in the sky so much? Are they eating small bugs and that’s why they are flying so much? One landed on our electrical line so I stopped gardening long enough to take a photograph and turns out the little guy was a Violet-green swallow. Very pretty.

violet-green swallow

I just love how much better I see with a camera. Meanwhile, I ran into a butterfly yesterday. Okay I finally found the species of this fellow. It’s called a Compton Tortoiseshell or Nymphalis vaualbum.


And lastly, another Nancy Creek shot..

nancy creek




15 Responses to “Stellers Jay and stuff…”

  1. Once again, outstanding photographs! But I think that we’ve all come to expect that from you, aullori. I’m really “gettin’ into” the butterflies so, guess which photo is my favorite? 😀

  2. Nice swallow shot! I see V-G Swallows fairly often, but never get anything resembling a good look at them.

    I know what you mean about “Blue Jays” – when I first started birding and looked in a field guide, I was rather surprised to see that the Blue Jay is something I’ve never seen, and am not at all likely to see at home. Pretty much all of the non-birders I know call Steller’s Jays “Blue Jays.” Regardless they’re pretty birds, and a fun to watch.

  3. 3 Bo

    The jay is a fine looking bird, even if he is a scoundrel. And how nice you have a photographer following in your footsteps.

  4. 4 montucky

    Very nice shots, Lori! I love seeing the Jay, and the butterfly is beautiful! We have several swallows nesting in our boxes again and they’re sure fun to watch, aren’t they?

  5. Thanks Janet – your comment made me think all the more of my laziness of naming the above fellow; his name is Compton Tortoiseshell. In the end I’ll be glad I looked him up. Sorting through butterflies is not the most facinating way to spend one’s time but on a windy day what the heck is my excuse? Thanks for your visit!

  6. Hi Adam, I’ve had the same issues myself – I see them often and shooting them is a different story. I didn’t think the electrical line was the best backgr scene however, because I rarely see them land I was not getting picky. I knew the blue jay my Grandma had on her plate was nothing like what the family called a blue jay however, that never stopped me from mislabeling the poor creature. They are fun to watch.

  7. Hi Bo – I think you just might be the person in the room who’ve seen a blue jay. This guy is actually pretty welcomed around here – he’s so large no one can miss him and it’s actually funny to watch him steal the pups food. He does not do it unless we are in the house watching him from the window but he could care less if the dogs are out. And you should see the confused looks on their faces…

  8. Thanks Montucky – I felt lucky to get the Jay – he had control over the feeder and refused to let go of that and that is the only reason I got the shot. I love watching the swallows this time of year!

  9. Nancy Creek sounds like a nice place!
    Love the shot of the swallow – the iridescence is beautiful!

  10. Love all these photos and without a doubt the butterfly is my fave!

  11. Thanks Zen actually it is a really nice place. Thank you – actually I watch the swallows all the time and expected a barn swallow when I took the shot. I was once again pleasantly surprised! Thank you once again for your visit!

  12. The Jay is a regal looking bird, very nice capture Lori,lovely image of the butterfly as well. Nice shots !!

  13. Once again, those are some wonderful photos. The creek seems like a great place to hike and have fun. Glad you did.

  14. How educational! I have never even heard of a Steller’s Jay. Very exotic looking to me. Thank you

  15. I don’t even know how I found your site, but it’s great!Going to put you on my links list.

    Peter from It’s About the Journey

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