Wildflower Frenzy….


Tonight my son wrote a paper on procrastination and thinking of blogging I sure could relate. My excuses vary from planting trees to hiking and photographing more than tossing up a note or two. Instead of sharing the excuses with you I’ll share a few of the many photographs I’ve been gaining as of late. Unlike most of the time when this is all haphazard today because I’m so behind I think I can attempt some form of organization. Well I’ll at least try….

Let’s start with wildflowers that I’ve been finding lately. I’ve ran into many things but we’ll start here and I’ll promise not to post faster than you all can read. So here are my finds as of recently;

Glacier Lily

Glacier Lily
{a.k.a yellow avalanche-lily, pale fawn-lily, yellow fawn-lily} (Erythronium grandiflorum)

Glacier Lily

I also discovered that the yellow bell comes in other colors too.

Yellow Bell
(Fritillaria pudica)

Yellow Bell

And next… the Ballhead waterleaf

ballhead waterleaf
{a.k.a. wool breeches} (Hydrophyllum capitatum)

ballhead waterleaf

This next one is a desert parsley – I had a difficult time figuring out which one specifically however pouring over photos of various kind I eventually decided I would call it the species Lomatium brandegeei or Brandegee’s desert-parsley.

Brandegee's desert-parsley

And lastly….

Shooting Stars
(Dodecatheon pulchellum) Few-Flowered Shooting Star

Okay that was a quick tour of what’s new I’ve ran into concerning wildflowers. While I was shooting a lazy little bee kept wandering from woodland-star to woodland-star so I took this shot. This is (I believe) a gray bee fly.

gray bee fly landing on bulbous woodland-star



13 Responses to “Wildflower Frenzy….”

  1. beautiful series!

  2. Those are gorgeous photographs; and when you’re doing such amazing work, you shouldn’t feel guilty about not blogging! 🙂

  3. I’m not a big flower person, I can still appreciate the beauty of these photos and the plants themselves.

  4. These are all such amazing photos and great flowers for sure!

  5. 5 montucky

    Very nice series, Lori! Your area is quite a bit ahead of here now I see. We haven’t seen the shooting stars yet nor the waterleaf. Our stuff has been pretty well stomped down by snow the last few days too.

  6. Thank you Ankush – I had a lot of fun. (now… to try something completely different!)

  7. Hi Scienceguy thanks once again for your visit. I’m not one to toot my own horn (especially when my the sound is so weak) however I did post on the importance of wildflowers quite awhile back. Here’s the link if your curious; https://aullori.wordpress.com/2007/06/14/crackpot-philosophy-on-flowers/ Every flower I post is a wildflower – the reasoning is they are most likely the one’s getting ready to be overshadowed by our newer creations. Species slowly in the decline…

  8. Thank you Sumedh – any compliment from you is a huge one. Your work is amazing. If I ever get a little down because of a lack of sunlight I visit your work! 🙂

  9. Thanks Monarch! 🙂

  10. Hi Montucky! We’ve had snow off and on again but it never really sticks (for which I am grateful!) I ran into this waterleaf right by all the yellowbells – I decided to hike again to the spot just to see if anything popped up. There were thousands of them but not all had opened up yet. I was as fascinated by the unopened ones and the opened ones! (I’m that way I have a feeling you are too!)

  11. Beautiful flowers! I especially like the yellow fawn lilies. And shooting stars – we have them here (not now, as they’ve already gone to seed – they don’t seem to last at all long), and they’re one of my favorite wildflowers. Thanks for sharing, and no need to make excuses for not blogging when you have spring all around you!

  12. All great shots but I especially like the bee fly coming in for a landing!!!

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