I’ve been practicing….


I decided this would be the year to figure out that funky falls shot method done with a camera. It’s not the easiest method to master and I did figure something out.. tripod. Impossible without it. The goal is to let water give movement to the photograph while the background stays the same. Here are the shots… hopefully I’ll drag along my tripod so that I can practice the method every chance I get and I’ll get good at it. So here are some more creek shots; one is the headwaters of Nancy Creek and the other is Nancy Creek on my property. I have a feeling Katy Creek done this way in the fall will be fantastic.

Nancy Creek on Bisbee Mt.

Nancy Creek on Bisbee Mt.

Nancy Creek

What’s cool about these shots is they actually look better larger. Meanwhile, I had forgotten one bird yesterday (backyard birds that is….)

The red-tailed hawk is still hunting in my backyard. I thought since it’s been a really slow day in terms of photographs it might be the perfect time to highlight this bird. A couple fast facts; first it is one of the most common Buteos and there are many in North America. The reason is it adapts very nicely to almost any environment. If you see a rather large bird and cannot identify it most likely it’s a red-tail hawk. In the past they were called, “Chicken Hawks” because they have used Chickens as prey often. In North America it is believed that there are eight subspecies of Red-tails. They all look vastly different but the two common traits is the darkened chest band and the dark mark on the leading edge of the wings. (To explain this better imagine your arms spread out, palms facing away from you; your upper arm would be very dark if you were a hawk that is…) Interestingly enough the red tail isn’t the best way to identify one as many Juveniles have a white tail. If you see a red-tail your looking at an adult. The sounds that a red-tail makes is; this one (Click to go to link) it is the most commonly used bird sound in movies.

redtailed hawk

redtailed hawk

redtailed hawk

Okay the birds are out so I guess I can start shooting soon. Blessings to all and thanks for stopping by!

p.s. we saw our first rufous hummingbird today! Yipee! So we put out our feeders.


6 Responses to “I’ve been practicing….”

  1. 1 montucky

    Very nice stream shots. I love the photos and the streams too! Also love the Red tails! Still haven’t seen any hummers here yet.

  2. You may (if you feel like it) toss up a feeder for fun. We did today and so far I’ve seen three… looks like they finally migrated this way. 🙂 I’ll put up shots tomm. We had both a calliope and a roufus!

  3. 3 Bo

    I love the water – I aven’t tried that yet. Now that water is flowing again, I’ll put it on my list.

  4. Hi Bo the trick is simple really (in theory… until it’s tried…) *grin*

  5. Good work w/the water – you’re absolutely right, it’s totally impossible without a good tripod. I rarely even try, as 1) I rarely have my tripod w/me in the field and 2) I’m nearly always out w/my sweetie, who doesn’t necessarily relish the idea of waiting while I spend the considerable time it takes to determine the optimal shutter speed/aperture, framing, and so on. In the meantime I enjoy Bernie’s blog – he’s really, really good at getting the cotton-candy effect just right!

  1. 1 facts about the hummingbird

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