Two Woodpeckers & a Flower…


Yesterday I ran into an odd woodpecker. I thought I’d highlight him here – he struck me funny the minute I saw him; the most interesting aspect was his size. He was very large and looked quite chubby for a woodpecker. I definitely had to pull out Mr. Sibley’s book for this one…

I identified the fellow as a Black-backed Woodpecker which would be a first for me. What is interesting is we were going up the other side of Bisbee mountain where there was a wildfire two years ago. The fire created a perfect meadow for plenty of deer but it also (unknown to me) created the perfect environment for this woodpecker as well. Who, according to Cornell, “moves from place to place, following outbreaks of wood-boring beetles in recently burned habitats.” Which explains the fellows presence in this area.

Black-backed Woodpecker

Black-backed Woodpecker

Black-backed Woodpecker

Then earlier this month we went on top of bisbee on our side and ran into this guy…

Red-naped Sapsucker

Red-naped Sapsucker

Red-naped Sapsucker

The Red-naped Sapsucker…

Just for fun let me toss in a flower I ran into yesterday as well. It’s called Camas or Indian Hyacinth. Feasting on the bulbs was another Indian favorite in the Pacific Northwest.

camas indian hyacinth


10 Responses to “Two Woodpeckers & a Flower…”

  1. 1 montucky

    Nice work with the woodpeckers. I’ve never seen the Black-backed guy, but he’s interesting and I appreciated your explanation.

    Once again, your flowers are far ahead of ours. Our Camas hasn’t started to show up yet. The new ones I’m seeing here are ones I can’t name or find anywhere, all very small too.

  2. The camas was in an odd spot.. I went to get some service berry bushes because they are flowering now and hiked in a crevice between two huge rock clusters and they were all there – but so far no where else! I hope you post the tiny things on your site. (I understand about naming them; I’ve got a tiny pink flower I have no name for too…) One of these day’s I should toss up a mystery post; of all the things I don’t know! Nah… it would probably be too long! 🙂

  3. Nice Photos. So sorry about the wood beetles as well. They really destroy the forests.

  4. Very nice! The BBWO would be a life bird for me too. Actually, so would the RNSA….

    I only saw my first Camas Lily last year – they’re beautiful, and you did a great job capturing their loveliness! I’m hopeful that an upcoming camping trip in the Sierras may turn some up, as there’s a meadow that is rumoured to have a bunch of them, although mid-June may be too late to see them. And if you want to eat them, just be darned sure they’re not Death Camases (Zigadenus fremontii)!

    You should definitely put up an unidentified post – I bet you’d get more answers than you think! Also, the “ID Please!” group on Flickr is extremely helpful, and for birds, the good people at cannot be beat.

  5. 5 aullori

    Hi Scienceguy… actually oddly when we were up there we saw a bunch of lines of little flags. All different colors and it looked like an science project – on an area of about 20ft x 20ft. Then the further we got up the mt. there was a posting on them intending to spray insecticide up there (yesterday.) I’m wondering if it’s not with the intent to kill off the beetles perhaps? I do know that they work out to be very devastating and we are right in the middle of a pretty vast forest. I’m wondering if they aren’t spraying to kill them off perhaps? I’ve been researching but have no info as of yet.

  6. 6 aullori

    Hi Adam thanks for the suggestions! Most of the time if I hunt hard enough I usually find what I’m looking for – but once in awhile something totally stumps me. Camas Lilies are very pretty – thanks for the mention about death camas – we have those here too! That would be a horrible mistake. I sadly have only caught them after the blossoms are gone (they are oddly enough on the little islands in the middle of the columbia…) Thanks for the suggestion. I will defiantly check out the sites. You have all been very helpful on here whenever I ask. (Which is awesome!)

  7. 7 truddle

    Great pictures – I love the last one, great perspective!

  8. 8 mon@rch

    Such an amazing set of photos of these two woodpeckers (which would both be lifers for me) and your flower! Keep up the great work!

  9. Great woodpeckers! Lucky you.

  10. Thanks Monarch – the first guy was a lifer for me (I think the rednaped is the most common woodpecker out here – unless you count the Nothern Flicker which is in huge numbers this year..)

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