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True story; No matter how hard I tried I could not find the identity of this flower. It came into bloom about two weeks ago and I faithfully took shot after shot of it. However… posting it was another story because I just could not find the species. I woke up this morning and I […]

When I posted the bird shots I was saddened that I had not seen in the last couple of days the cross bills however, they must have been hanging out at my feeder about the city equivalent of five blocks away. I keep one feeder far away from the house and hike the birdfeed in […]

Recently taking bird shots have been difficult; the primary reason is we’ve hit rainy season so really good – bright eye’d shots have been almost impossible with little or no sun in the sky. Nevertheless I’ll update you on the guys still hanging around. At the feeders themselves we have the typical Pine siskin’s in […]

Quick like a bunny I wanted to toss up a couple of wildflowers mostly because I was a little stunned myself. We have a pup that is visiting us this week and his name is Teddy. We call him Teddy Roosevelt so we, my pups and I, took him for a walk down by the […]

What does pizza delivery have in common with sugar water? Well in the spring hummingbirds are choosing mates and when they do finding an easy food source is pretty important. Normally they have a half acre territory of flowers that the males guard so that when the females fly through and see all the flowers […]

Amazing little mini-miracles of nature! I’m still seeing both the calliope and rufous hummingbirds but a new guy (and accompanying ladies) have come to the feeders in a frenzy. They feed each morning and every night and now finally there are enough of them to outwit and out number the two rufous hummingbirds who feel […]

My husband is priming the boat to get it ready for a trip out on the water. I’m super excited about fishing again! Hopefully this year is a bit better out on the water. … meanwhile,… back to the wildflowers. Tall Western Groundsel (Senecio integerrimus) And here is a telling shot of the plants design. […]

Today was my 40th birthday and it was a really nice day. I had posted last year, at this time, that the idea of age is actually something I consider one of life’s gifts. That said (and not to be said again) I spent the day looking down instead of up. I was tracking wildflowers and was […]

I was stunned that I actually won Bo’s Contest on violets. This makes makes me laugh a little maybe the little violet is a lucky flower for me? One of my little pioneer violets was generously linked on Janet’s site as well. And when I visited down by the creek this weekend the pioneer violets […]

Here are my most recent bird feeder shots…. House finch Pine siskin Juvenile Red crossbill Red crossbill (male) p.s. for my birthday I got a wicked hunting blind! (I love that it was a 40th birthday present!) I can sit, wait, and take shots without upsetting or disturbing the birds. I’ll also include a couple […]