Today….. Red Crossbills, a Swallow and a Starling


We’ll feature crossbills. Primarily because over time me wandering closer and closer to the feeders with them on it has been more and more accepted. (On windy days they don’t like me around much.)

Soooo…. some crossbill shots.

male redcrossbill

A really richly colored male…

male crossbill

He is a beauty so I thought I’d toss him up twice.

Meanwhile, a juvenile….

Juvenile Crossbill

Cornell says that they look a lot like Pine Siskins – today was the first time I got a shot but I can see the resemblance.

Pine Siskin

Okay I’m tossing up more tho…

Crossbills (left to right) Juvenile, Female and Male

Here is a shot with the family? from left to right juvenile, female and then male.

Red crossbills on Feeder

And lastly there they are mauling my new feeder. I was hoping that I hid that one well enough that the smaller birds would get a shot at it.

Okay let me move on… today finally a shot of the bird that builds a nest in hubby’s stovepipe every year… (so far for the last three years)

European Starling

European Starling; It’s true I caught him (or her?) in the act!

And lastly, the one who decided to nest in my blue bird house…a violet-green swallow.

violet-green swallow

It’s cool; we are completely happy to have him.

profile violet-green swallow


15 Responses to “Today….. Red Crossbills, a Swallow and a Starling”

  1. 1 mon@rch

    WOW, such amazing birds that you captured! Those Red Crossbills are such stunning birds!

  2. 2 Bo

    I was going to write exactly what mon@rch wrote! Glad I read his comment first.

    And thanks for your wonderful comments on Seeded Earth today. I really, really appreciate your wonderful words!

  3. 3 montucky

    Those are all great shots, Lori! I especially like the first one: what a beautiful bird! We have swallows nesting in several boxes too and I’m glad to have them around. They’re great to watch and eat lots of bugs for us.

  4. 4 Aunt B

    Hi Lori! I just came across your site through Mon@rch.
    Your shots are stunning! They are beautiful and it’s always interesting to see what is in another area.
    Never saw a Crossbill in this area…it’s gorgeous!
    I am adding you link to my blog.
    I will be back to check other posts!

  5. I have never seen those red crossbills. I always see the rather blandly colored ones. They almost look like tropical birds.

  6. 6 aullori

    Thanks Monarch – these guys fight pretty non-stop with the local Redwing blackbirds. I was talking with another birder who pretty much insisted they don’t visit feeders. (I was thinking that perhaps I should tell them that .. that way the chickadee get a shot at eating too.) 🙂

  7. 7 aullori

    Bo – my pleasure I really loved your post. I’m such a sucker for wildflowers and especially ones photographed by a talented artist!

  8. 8 aullori

    Montucky – I’m with you I don’t mind who hangs out in the bird houses .. let them all come I say! I get hours of enjoyment just watching the birds play – especially the swallows. They just seem happy (I know they are probably just eating but heck, it looks a lot more fun then the way we do it!)

  9. 9 aullori

    Hi Aunt B – your welcome anytime. I looked over your site and you take beautiful shots. (It looks like your carrying an olympus?) I’ll add you right back… I’m a big fan of seeing what kind of birds are in other parts of the country too. (Watching the other sites teaches me a lot about what is in my own backyard.) Thank you for the compliment and your visit!

  10. Hi Scienceguy – funny you should say that… couple intresting tidbits? A local lady asked me “what are the tropical birds that are coming to the feeders?” I had to assume she was talking about these fellows. 🙂

  11. Nice crossbill and swallow shots; ones we don’t see around here! Nice job.

  12. Thanks Zen that’s a lot of the reason I love visiting your page… new birds and also that consistent need for knowledge of those little playful things living in our skies!

  13. Great crossbill shots – the 2nd in particular is just stunning! Lucky you to have VG Swallows nesting – they’re a lovely bird.

  14. Lori I adore these bird photos you have captured. Makes me want to photo some birds! I’m working on getting a camera to go with my 400mm as I miss shooting wildlife!!! You do a great job capturing birds and animals.

  15. 15 Jean Kerr

    Thanks for the great pictures. I sited these birds on July 2, 2008 at our cabin in Blue Ridge, GA and they are very calm and we took lots of pictures of them. It is a first sighting for us in 10 years of being there. Jean

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