Lake Pierre


On the third of this month I visited Lake Pierre. I’ll just walk through it…

First I caught a glimpse of a of both the female and male version of the barrow’s golden-eye. It was nice to see spring romance. The shot was good enough for an ID but not good enough for the site. I was thrilled to see the lady and hope for a better shot soon.

mallard ducks (male female)

Then the mallards were obviously singing the same kind of tune…

red naped sapsucker

red naped sapsucker

red naped sapsucker

Then I ran into the Rednaped Sapsucker he was so disinterested in me I could get a lot of shots…
To be honest I was hoping to see some Kingbirds and Kingfishers but no luck….


so, a chipmunk came by…. and then a white crowned sparrow. I had seen so many of those at home!

And then my brass ring showed up…

As I struggled through the weeds…

lake pierre

And my daughter’s were looking for me, across the lake, they spooked him out! So, this was the view I got…

great blue heron

So I took shots once he landed and realized why it had been so hard to get the great blue heron.

great blue heron

He is a master at stealth… just as I was passing the tree that would have placed me about fifteen feet from him, a dog barked and he flew away… I fumbled for a flight capture and failed… Again I can only hope for next time…

On the way back I sat and watched an osprey fishing across the lake.

We went home.

Then I stopped at the local bridge to take shots of birds that nest on top of it.

rock dove

Turned out to be rock doves (or feral pigeons.) They nest on the top of our bridge coming from Kettle Falls to my side of the river.

rock dove

rock dove

They were gorgeous in flight and I called it a day…. honestly, at the end of the day I felt I just could not complain…. the doves were beautiful.


12 Responses to “Lake Pierre”

  1. I liked those woodpecker shots. The photos in motion are nice as well.

  2. That Great Blue Heron can be a devil to catch, can’t he! 😉 If you should ever catch one of this guy standing along the shore edge, feeding, I know of a college dean who would love to have the photo … she asked if I could get one, I said “sure, no problem!” 😯

    BTW, did you know that the flight of pigeons are the most aerodynamically perfect? 8)

  3. 3 Sumedh

    And such is the profound, limitless beauty of life and good, bubbling with perfection’s innumerable faces!

  4. 4 montucky

    You had a really good day! I especially liked the shots of the Sapsucker! I know exactly what you mean about the Herons. They are very wary birds!

  5. 5 aullori

    Thanks Scienceguy good luck on your exams!

  6. 6 aullori

    Janet, Well if I do run into one of those shots I’ll forward it to you. I do know where one lives (so maybe half the battle is already done?) well, we can only hope. I had no idea about pigeons – but after watching them it does not completely shock me. Pretty cool birds. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Looks like a lovely day out, and you’re right – for such a large bird, GB Herons can be very stealthy! They and egrets are the epitome of patience to me, the way they stand motionless for so long just waiting for a fish (or gopher). Thanks for sharing your outing!

  8. 8 Aunt B

    You certainly work very hard for your shots!
    The Sapsucker is BEAUTIFUL, and your shots are just lovely!
    Very nice shots of the Doves in flight!

  9. 9 Bo


    You are the winner of the Wisconsin Violet Contest. Yea! I’m so happy that someone special won. Check out the post and send me your address and watch your mailbox!


    ps. love your birds

  10. Lori, these are shots that inspire me to want to paint. I love them. Scenes that I dream of constantly.

  1. 1 sparrow lake fishing

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