Okay a few other shots and thoughts….


I was stunned that I actually won Bo’s Contest on violets. This makes makes me laugh a little maybe the little violet is a lucky flower for me? One of my little pioneer violets was generously linked on Janet’s site as well. And when I visited down by the creek this weekend the pioneer violets took over the forest bed which made for a gorgeous sight! (I’m a really big fan of claiming both compliments and luck where ever I can find it. Life seems too short to do otherwise.) If you haven’t visited Bo’s page click on her name and it will take you to some of the most artistic and breathtaking photographs of Wisconsin you’ll ever lay your eyes on. I find it completely refreshing to visit as it is a testimony to the breathtaking beauty of yet, another part this beautiful country.

Meanwhile, I have a couple more shots to toss up and share.

feathery false lily of the valley

feathery false lily of the valley (Maianthemum stellatum) other common names for this plant is; starry false lily-of-the-valley and star-flowered solomon’s-seal. The rich green makes this plant a beautiful addition to the forest floor down by the creek.

swamp lantern

Swamp lantern (Lysichiton americanus) The leaves of the swamp lantern plant was often used by American Indians to store things. It works really well to wrap fish in and cooking them over a camp fire the leaves contain a natural peppery taste that enhances the fishes flavor.

woodland strawberry

Woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.) Yummy! the wild strawberry’s are flowering!

I was also lucky as the very shy evening grosbeaks stopped for a brief visit.

evening grosbeak
Male Evening grosbeak

evening grosbeak and red crossbill
Female Evening grosbeak on the right (Red crossbill on the left)

I also caught sight of a lazuli bunting feeding however, he is so shy I haven’t got a great shot. Hopefully my hunting blind will come in handy for just such an emergency. While in it I got very close to a spotted towhee which in this area though many exist (by the many calls I hear) they are difficult to capture on the camera.

green-violet swallows

And the Violet-green swallows are nesting in a little birdhouse made by my daughter Sami. Here is the male and female protecting the birdhouse. I have watched and noticed that if any bird lands on it they will swoop down towards them very aggressively coming within what looks like inches from the invading bird to scare them away. It’s very effective as far as I’ve seen.

I can hear the cowbirds but never got a good shot of them. They have a very unique and unusual call over here. That is upsetting as I hope they don’t take over my yard. I actually caught sight of one riding on the back of the horse next door, another photo opportunity missed!


7 Responses to “Okay a few other shots and thoughts….”

  1. Wonderful images Lori. Makes me wish I had a camera to go with my 400mm zoom!!! Your topmost bird photo is stunning! I love it.

  2. 2 montucky

    Great shots, Lori! The Lily of the Valley here are leafed out but no blossoms yet. I love the Swamp Lantern: I’ll start watching for it but I don’t think we have it here… I’ve not seen one. Beautiful plant though! Nice shot of the strawberries! Ours are starting to bloom all over now too.

    Your bird shots are great, too! I sure do love the little swallows!

  3. Boyd! Your back I hope you really enjoyed your honeymoon! I fixed my link to go to your new site. (Looks great by the way) I’m glad you showed up man, I was needing a little more inspiration as of late!

  4. Thanks Montucky, I’ve been looking for the little stars to show up on the false Solomon’s seal… I’ve also really wondered why the plant was called that???? Our swamp lanterns are in areas where Beavers have pooled water into swamps. So in my case it’s right down by the creek but a couple ft away – pooled water with lots of algae. I’m with you I adore those swallows. I was shocked how much color they had when I took the shot! (& Sami is thrilled her birdhouse has guests.)

  5. 5 Aunt B

    Those are birds I’ll never see.
    Beautiful shots!

  6. Congratulations! And thanks for the link. BTW, I took the “What Flower Are You?” quiz … seems I’m a daffodil! 😀

  7. Great images! I like the softness of the false lilly and the evening grosbeak as well. Nice job.

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