2nd Installment of May Wildflowers


My husband is priming the boat to get it ready for a trip out on the water. I’m super excited about fishing again! Hopefully this year is a bit better out on the water. … meanwhile,… back to the wildflowers.

tall western groundsel
Tall Western Groundsel (Senecio integerrimus)

tall western groundsel
And here is a telling shot of the plants design. This flower of this species can either have white petals or yellow ones but fundamentally look like this. If I ID’d this properly then this is considered by most a weed. Primarily because it really makes a horse pretty goofy and in these part horses are an important aspect to life.

rocky ledge penstemon
Penstemon. The kind I’m not sure of my guess when there are 24 species in the state I tend to leave the specific kind to the experts. My guess is Rocky ledge penstemon only because that’s pretty much where I found it, the leaves look similar and it grows in that thick dark green low bushy way. My Personal Wag (Penstemon ellipticus)
Shrubby Penstemon
And the surreal look inside of them….

Western Gromwell
And the funky difficult to frame Western Gromwell. (Lithospermum ruderale)

Columbia River
The Columbia River (with low water) I don’t step back much and allow you all a view in my world. So I thought I’d do so on these next two shots.
My bird watching spot
My Bird Watching Spot

Good news; I saw my first Western Kingbird of the year. Yipee! I cannot express how very excited I was to see this guy!

Western Kingbird


Oh and I didn’t offer a close up of the bloom of the larkspur I thought I’d do so here.




12 Responses to “2nd Installment of May Wildflowers”

  1. 1 montucky

    You certainly have a beautiful bird watching spot! One area of our yard is a little similar, so I can relate. I haven’t seen the white Groundsel, but it’s really pretty. I’ll look for it now. The penstemon is really pretty. Nice shots! I love that soft color! That’s a very nice look at the Larkspur! We usually have some in the back yard but I haven’t seen them yet. I feel like I’m missing some flowers this year! Good thing you’re getting some great photos of them!

  2. 2 Bo

    Your Western Gromwell IS very funky – that is the precise description I would use. 🙂 I think the photo is quite awesome – all that yellow-green. And your water is really low -our lakes are so high. It will be tricky to fish for awhile yet. I love your birding spot. Cool!

  3. 3 Sumedh

    awesome showcase of beauty, yet again!

  4. The shot of the Rolling Columbia is very nice. Always wanted to get out west some time. Perhaps soon.

  5. Another amazing series of photos! without a doubt the Groundsel is my favorite shots!

  6. Amazing photos Lori. I love wildflowers and I appreciate how you have captured these flowers. What a birdwatching spot!!!

  7. Thanks Montucky, the groundsel is really hard to miss. In my case it’s the tallest one right now. Thanks for the vote of confidence – as of late my birding abilities have been off so transferring all that energy to the wildflowers have been fun and lucky for me there are plenty of them!

  8. Bo I had no idea where to start and stop that little plant when it came to framing it. However I adore the little thing too.. Our lakes and streams are high but the Columbia River up here is damned so they lower the water to take on all the snow run-off. (were planning a fishing trip in a local lake and maybe when the damn opens up on the Columbia soon. That all depends upon local flood warning status which is high right now because the temps topped out.) Thanks I really like my spot I drink coffee there and watch the birds .. um… and usually spill coffee while I attempt to take shots. Oh well – a good shot is worth throwing my shirt in the laundry.

  9. Thanks Scienceguy I hope your exams went well! If you do come and visit stop by for coffee.

  10. Thanks Monarch!

  11. Thanks Boyd – it’s a nice place to live actually. I have to admit it’s hard to complain when your sitting there.

  12. Lovely flower photos, Lori! The pale pink of the penstemon is so soft and spring’y – I haven’t seen one that color before. They’re devilishly difficult to identify, I agree! Ditto larkspur.

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