hummers update….


Amazing little mini-miracles of nature!

I’m still seeing both the calliope and rufous hummingbirds but a new guy (and accompanying ladies) have come to the feeders in a frenzy. They feed each morning and every night and now finally there are enough of them to outwit and out number the two rufous hummingbirds who feel very strongly that we placed the feeders just for them. So sharing is happening these days. Here is a recent shot of them coming into one of the feeders. {In general I think we now get about two dozen hummingbirds at our feeders.}

frenzy at the feeder
The Frenzy at One Feeder

Black-chinned Hummingbird
The new guy on the block. The Black-chinned hummingbird.

two female black-chinned facing off for the feeder
Two ladies (black-chinned) facing off for the perch.

female calliope
Female Calliope Hummingbird

caught sleeping (hummingbird)
And what I think is a female blackchinned – I think I caught her napping because she let me get really close and her eyes were closed. I loved the pollen on her beak.

p.s. we have (as previously mentioned) have two rufous hummingbirds (males) I’ll try to get one of them next time.


16 Responses to “hummers update….”

  1. Wow. These are amazing shots. I am particularly interested because I saw my first ever hummingbird when I was in Arizona! As far as I am aware we don’t have them here in Australia.

  2. 2 Bo

    I am so JEALOUS of your hummers. If I see one a day, I am ecstatic. Guess I need to move way out in the country instead of on the fringes. Beautiful photos – that black-chinned is to die for…

  3. I have been putting up a hummingbird feeder for about two years and I have seen maybe 2 hummers. How long does it normally take for hummers to start gathering in any numbers?

  4. 4 montucky

    Wow, Lori! You’re getting some great shots of these little guys!

  5. Love the mob shot 🙂 Lucky you to have 3 hummy species hanging around!

  6. Such stunning photos and I love the very first one! Perfectly done in b-n-w! Hummingbirds mean soo much to so many people!

  7. Hi Zen, thanks for visiting as far as I know hummers are a south and north america deal. Kind of like how I completely envy a place where wild parrots roam free! 😉

  8. Hi Bo, Thank you – in a way that little black chinned guy looks like a flying penguin to me in a tiny and quick way of course!

  9. Hi Science guy, only because yours is the second questions on hummers this week I’m just going to post my recipe on the feeders. I watched my mom’s feeders and my grandmom’s and what I saw my whole life was one or two. I’ll tell you why I think so and I’ll just mention what I do and how it seems to be very successful. But I’m uploading a movie so you can see that what I do does indeed work. I’ll try to finish that post tonight okay? depending on the slowness of the upload. p.s. In my opinion; trying for two years says your a very patient man! But more should have shown up sooner than that.

  10. Thanks Montucky – the trick I think is getting off the porch now! 😉

  11. I do feel pretty lucky Adam… I really missed these little guys!

  12. Thank you Monarch, I feel really honored when you pay me such a compliment. I took the first shot in B&W so I could catch the highlight of the wings and so the red feeder did not overshadow the little guys. Tonight I’ll put up a little movie on the frenzy… the shot does not do the action justice.

  13. Thank you very much. I’ll be sure to check it out.

  14. Beautiful hummers and sooooo many. Mine have returned, too, but mine are apparently much more territorial. They come one at a time cause they just don’t get along! Still, it is always exciting to have hummers. 😀

  15. Hi Janet, you must have one of the more dominate species in your midst’s (tiny flying piggies!) our rufous hummers try that but eventually the black-chins out number them to the point of being overwhelming. When the females leave to nest and hatch babies the boys have a tougher time of it – so I completely understand what you mean! This is what it looks like now but in a couple of weeks it will slow down and then pick up again about the middle of July with babies in tow.

  16. Amazing shots Lori, to get one of these speedy bullets sitting still is beyond amazing!!! Great job.

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