Recent bird shots….


Recently taking bird shots have been difficult; the primary reason is we’ve hit rainy season so really good – bright eye’d shots have been almost impossible with little or no sun in the sky. Nevertheless I’ll update you on the guys still hanging around.

At the feeders themselves we have the typical Pine siskin’s in vast numbers… Here’s one with a beak full of peanut

Pine Siskin on feeder

oh yeah and…

nesting american robin

we have a mother American Robin nesting in our horse barn. I took one shot and then left her alone as I didn’t want to disturb the important task of making little robins. The male sits outside of the horse barn and usually is on top of the electrical line that runs to the horse barn while she warms the eggs. I’m not a big fan of disturbing nesting birds so I also forbade the kiddos from playing in there until the birds have fledged.

spotted towhee

The Spotted towhees are now finding more cover in the tall grasses – it seems to me that they are masters at hiding but I hear them everywhere and usually they are flying in between the choke-cherry bushes which must be where they are nesting.


The hummingbirds like the flowers the choke-cherry bushes offer. They also use the branches as a rest stop in between attempting to get juice from the feeders. Here are two resting in our ponderosa pine tree..

hummingbirds at rest in pine (blackchinned)

Lazuli Bunting
I finally got a shot of the Lazuli Bunting in the pine tree he likes the new treats we placed in our copper feeder but is very camera shy.

brownheaded cowbird
There seems to be two Brown-headed cowbirds that come to the feeders; a female and male. (This is the male.) Hopefully the numbers stay down. I don’t attempt to scare away any birds, even the cowbirds, I guess as unpopular as they are they need to eat too.

Birds just beyond the feeder are…

Bullock's Oriole
A nice suprise and a first, he’s made a home here in the bushes. The Bullock’s Oriole.
yellow warbler
The extreamly bright and always beautiful Yellow warbler and…
common yellowthroat
And another first a Common yellow-throat; this gem was found last week at lake Pierre.

Okay that’s probably good enough. Peace…


14 Responses to “Recent bird shots….”

  1. 1 montucky

    You are doing some great work with photographing the birds. I love seeing them, especially the species we don’t see here. My favorite is the Robin though. That’s a great shot and I’m glad you don’t disturb her. We also respect the territory of the birds we know are nesting around here.

  2. I rarely see hummers sitting. They always seem so charged, so it’s intersting to see them calm for once.

  3. Wow, so many stunning photos here and many of these birds would have been lifers for me! Bravo

  4. Some amazingly beautiful photos and I’m sure a pleasure to take! You learn so much by observation and you are really learning great ways to capture birds. Very nice images.

  5. My faves: momma robin and yellow warbler. You can even make the cowbird look good.

  6. Montucky. I had heard (somewhere) that the bad part isn’t that you bug them so much but that by going and looking you make predators aware of where they live. Thus, I tend to over look all nesting spots and only did this one because in our case robins tend to be pretty people friendly.

  7. Hi Scinceguy I agree… when they are buzzing about they do it at 100% and when they are calm it’s the same. Most of the time I find them in the bushes they have their eyes closed.

  8. Thanks Monarch…!!

  9. Thank you Boyd!

  10. Hi Zen I wish I would have gotten a better shot of the oriole however, soon. I have to have my lens serviced it needs a good cleaning after all my dusty hiking!

  11. What a wonderful array of birds you are able to witness Lori, and to also be able to photograph them is a added bonus, great work !!

  12. Phenomenal shots Lori, with the sixth one down being my favorite. What an amazing shot and composition.

  13. 13 Orkan

    nice work, thanks.

  14. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Choroid!

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