odds and ends I forgot….


When I posted the bird shots I was saddened that I had not seen in the last couple of days the cross bills however, they must have been hanging out at my feeder about the city equivalent of five blocks away. I keep one feeder far away from the house and hike the birdfeed in everyday. This is just so no one feels harassed and if they do they can wander over to another well stocked spot without the weird chick and the large black thing connected to her face. While I was filling the feeder I ran into this guy…

up close and personal

My pups scared this little guy in a bush and believe it or not I was too close to identify him. I took the shots and he just look spooked so we moved on. At first I thought he was a spotted towhee however, his tail was way too short.

calliope hummingbird
A calliope male and then his female counterpart….

female calliope hummingbird

My lilacs finally bloomed and an swallowtail came to visit. (Papilio canadensis) Or the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail.

Swallowtail butterfly

I also caught sight of this guy on the bird feeder my hubby made me…

red crossbill
*Phew* finally a crossbill… and then a finch, most likely a female house finch.


And this one sitting on the water spicket

I love the dirty bill – she must have been feeding good.

And I can’t leave without letting you know that the Indian Paintbrush blossomed on the mountain. Enjoy the color! (I did!) I still think it is Castilleja miniata or Scarlet Indian paintbrush.

Indian paintbrush

Indian paintbrush

oh and p.s. the meadow goatsbeard (aka yellow salsify) or Tragopogon dubius, finally opened…… I had been seeing them closed for awhile now…

goats beard
summary; my cup runneth over!


17 Responses to “odds and ends I forgot….”

  1. 1 Bo

    I just saw Indian Paintbrush this weekend too, though no mountains. I must have taken 100 photos of them – they were turning out so great. Posting flowers soon, as soon as I recover from a weekend in the wild.

  2. I love taking shots of Indian paintbrush – what a gorgeous little flower I’m way excited about seeing your version! This is the “wild child” in flower world – no matter how hard we tried transplanting we could not get this flower to grow in our gardens. 😉

  3. Crossbills are such cool results from natural selection. Almost like Darwin’s finches.

  4. Hi Scienceguy yeah your right many local birders call them our only Darwinian bird (in the US anyway.) I’m amazed they have been visiting me since dec – I guess they like the food – as for the company you’d have to ask them.

  5. All such amazing photos and the detail is perfect! Keep up with the stunning photo! BTW: The hummingbird is my fave of all the shots!

  6. 6 montucky

    I’m sure enjoying your excellent bird photos! I have such terrible luck trying to photograph them myself, but that’s OK because I can just enjoy yours.

    I got a couple of shot of Indian Paints yesterday here, too. I’ll put them up later.

  7. I’m actually with you Monarch – my fav was the lady hummer she was just too perfect for words!

  8. Thanks Montucky – I’m really working hard at ID’ing birds. It gets as confusing as the rest; Adam Paul’s birding forum helps ALOT! Too bad there isn’t a wildflower forum! Good thing I have both you and Adam to compare species with otherwise I’d sound like a blubbering idiot. p.s. I can’t wait to see the Indian paintbrush! I think this was early if I recall correctly plus there are thousands more on the mt this year. A very pretty sight indeed!

  9. Wonderful shots Lori, the hummingbirds are definitely my favorite, I also like the paintbrushes as well, nicely done !!

  10. I love the paintbrushes! A unique flower that I have never seen before. Nice hummingbird shots. I am amazed at how you can capture them sitting still.

  11. The paintbrush fairly jump out of the screen – love the depth of field and color contrast! I also really like your salsify photo – it’s a striking plant that I’ve only seen a couple times in California.

  12. Thank Bernie and thanks for the visit!

  13. Hi Body, the trick to the hummers really is to assume a lot…. I have to focus not where they are but where I think they will be. So? I end up throwing out a lot of shots. Unpredictable little flying thumbs!

  14. Thanks Adam, Indian paintbrushes are one of those flowers that never disappoint when I photograph it. I wonder if the salisfy is actually a close relative of the dandelion – I get a lot of both on the property.

  15. Your blog is so valuable to me because of all he birds and flowers. I love seeing them. These are really good shots. What a treat.

  16. as always your photography is stunning! Those hummingbird shots are my favorite!

  17. What great shots! Your photography is to be envied. What a great camera?

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