Dreams and Wildflowers


True story; No matter how hard I tried I could not find the identity of this flower. It came into bloom about two weeks ago and I faithfully took shot after shot of it. However… posting it was another story because I just could not find the species. I woke up this morning and I recalled a dream where I had correctly identified it. I thought.. “Okay sure whatever….” and sure enough my id in my dream was correct. My mind kept repeating over and over; “silver-leaf phacelia.” (If you think that’s a mouthful consider this mantra a mindful!) So I was compelled to look it up and it was correct! The plant is also known as white-leaf phacelia or (Phacelia hastata.)

silver-leaf phacelia

Then I caught sight of this blue butterfly. It reminded me of the amazing detail on Montucky’s blue butterfly shots and instead I decided to soften the image. I knew I could not offer such a pretty shot as Montucky so I decided to not compete at all! (There is a more focused version on my flickr site if you want to venture a guess at the species of blue.) It was nice to see it enjoying the silver-leaf phacelia. I loved how “dreamy” it turned out. (I’ve read somewhere that the Blues Butterflies tend to like lupines.)

Blue butterfly

And then I ran into this new and interesting flower called Holboell’s rockcress or (Arabis holboellii.) Which seems interesting enough to step right out of a dream. The middle of the stalk is covered in what looks exactly like pine needles and then that changes to long pointed leaves closer to the base. It was a funky one indeed. It was however pretty to me. However it was beautiful in a wildflower kind of way; unique. (Not a human way; which tends to be “the same” doesn’t it?)

Holboell's rockcress

Then I fell in love with this bush I thought the barely pink color emphasized with the dark green maple looking leaves. I found it gorgeous and wondered why it was not an accessory to more June weddings.

sticky currant

Sticky Currant (not a pretty name by the way) or (Ribes viscosissimum var. viscosissimum.)

And lastly, the starring actor in my pup Pepper’s dreams. (I don’t think she dreams of wildflowers much.)

Red Squirrel Profile
Red Squirrel




16 Responses to “Dreams and Wildflowers”

  1. I found my way here by way of Montucky at Montana Outdoors…beautiful photos!

  2. Dreams are wierd stuff. I’m not Freud or anything, so I’ll just drop it at that.

  3. 3 Bo

    A dream is an amazing thing. Now if I could just dream up what to cook for dinner… 🙂

  4. 4 montucky

    Nice shots as always, Lori! I’ve seen one here that looks a lot like the rockcress but didn’t know what it was. It has to be a close relative. I really like your butterfly photo! That’s just gorgeous! That squirrel is in many pup’s dream, I think. Love it!

  5. Hi Ann, I visited your site before my Internet went down all day (thunderstorms.) You’ve got some pretty shots yourself! I’m happy to see another aspect of the lady slipper. I’ll start commenting soon and thank you for your visit. (Loved your pup shots!)

  6. Scienceguy I actually read Freud’s book on dreams when I was sixteen… it was typical Freud. 😉 I had funky ideas tho; on one hand I was proud of myself on the other I kind of worried. I mean… how nerdy is that?

  7. I hear you Bo – normally hubby cooks and lets me no where near the stove. I can cook extreamly well – he’s just better and isn’t afraid of telling me so.

  8. Montucky, Digging in the family of Arabis might help you find your match. Listed in my county is nine species so hopefully you find the little bugger or have a really good dream too! This little squirrel was chased up a stump by pepper luckily for the rodent the stump was a really high one. 😉

  9. 9 AUNT B

    I’m so sorry I’ve missed so many of your beautiful posts lately. Glad you visited me with such wonderful comments and reminded me!! Oh, where do I begin, everything is so stunning. Love your dream story, LOL! You have all of the birds I ‘dream’ about. They are beautiful! The little blue butterfly shot is incredible…it belongs on a card!
    WOW, you leave me with my jaw dropped!!
    Thank you for your wonderful photos!!

  10. These are beautiful, expecially the first two. I would love to be able to tag along with you on one of your photo shoots – how did you get those two to look so soft?

    Beautiful – Beautiful – Beautiful!

  11. Lovely shots! That’s funny that you ID’ed the phacelia in a dream!

    The Cress is very interesting-looking indeed, what with the narrow stalk and droopy flowers.

    Sticky Currant’s indeed pretty – we have that one here too.

  12. Oh no worries Aunt B – visiting your birds are one of the reasons I stop by. You can visit anytime and if your busy that’s okay too!

  13. Thank you truddle, in my case (with my lens) I think of the focal point as a point on the camera and I put the face of the butterfly (what most people look at) as “two steps” away from the focal point. (For example with the butterfly the focal point is actually on the wingtips) which pulls the face just barely out of focus. My focal point on my lens is actually a line. I discovered this by taking a shot of dried up pine needles and focusing in the middle. It showed me the “steps.” I hope that makes sense… I think of it like playing musical instruments & I play four. With this lens the most eye-pleasing softness is step three in terms of depth.

  14. Hi Adam, yeah I thought that odd too – the dream bit. I actually identified the sticky currant by visiting your website. I should have given you credit – consider it done now….

    To see Adam’s Sticky Currant go here;

    p.s. I think of all your wildflowers this is my favorite shot;


  15. Such wonderful photography and those macro shots are stunning! Keep up the great work and flowers can be tricky at times!

  16. Photos that definitely make me want to dream. Nicely crafted.

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