Mom’s Day Bird Bath….


My husband was so generous for mother’s day (and thus I need good idea’s for Dad’s day.) One gift that the birds really seem to enjoy (a lot!) is the birdbath. So I thought I’d just toss up a photo shoot of them bathing. I set up my blind right next to it so I was able to get some really close shots of the red crossbills enjoying all the rain that had built up in the bath.

red crossbill

red crossbille

female red crossbill
I liked this next shot because it showed a juvenile right before the bill crossed. (A Red Crossbill’s bill changes by week eight of their life so it’s pretty rare to catch them before it changes.)

female and juvenile red crossbill

I had worried that the Cassin’s finches had left, I’d seen so many House finches recently, but to my utter joy I found one. It was nice to see they are still hanging around.

Cassin's Finch

cassins finch

Another nice surprise is that both the Evening grosbeak came to visit pretty faithfully this week and then the Black-headed. Hopefully, in the recent future, I can get a little closer to get a better shot of the Black-headed but I was thrilled to see him visit!

blackheaded grosbeak

Most of the other birds are predictable a nightly visit of the lazuli bunting, more pine siskin’s than I can possibly count, mourning doves and etc… Not much has changed at the feeders except the new visit from the Black-headed grosbeak. This week I plan to move my blind a little closer to the other feeder so I can get some shots of these birds. And lastly, I think I promised a shot of the Rufous Hummingbird so here it is and I hope you have a beautiful day.

rofous hummingbird



11 Responses to “Mom’s Day Bird Bath….”

  1. 1 montucky

    What a thoughtful gift that was for you! It went very well with the blind too. Your bird photos are excellent and very enjoyable! I just love seeing them! My wife and I were discussing birds this morning and came to the conclusion that if anyone ever needs an example of optimism, then just watch the birds.

  2. Absolutely amazing bird shots Lori. I would to paint a lot of these! Very nice. I’m in love with the top six! Great job.

  3. Glad to see you back. Lovely shots. I am sure that the bird bath will give you plenty of opportunities for more as well.

  4. 4 Bo

    Wow! A bath and a blind. No new diamonds or Cadillacs? 🙂
    You do need a good gift for hubby – he really did out do himself, and perfect for these perfect birds. How close are you to the bath in your blind?

  5. How amazing to have these crossbills coming to your birdbath! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures with us!

  6. 6 mom

    how awesome..see lori other people think you are great at taking pictures

  7. These are all really nice Lori, but the top one with the bird in the bg is fantastic, you are really getting some great images with the blind, keep it up !!

  8. Great photos, Lori! I especially like the first one with the female crossbill coming in in the background.

  9. Your photos still continue to amaze me. You have found your calling. I love the image of the Rufous. I’d like to see what the new bird bath looks like if possible.

  10. beautiful bird shots. i dont know much about birds, but the twisted beak photo was very interesting to see.

  11. It is simply wonderful the bird photography you have here. Ça donne !

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