slight pause


hopefully no one is offended… recently i got tendinitis of the right elbow which has caused a lag in my writing. (The primary goal of letting you know I’m fine things are good I’m just having a difficulty in typing.)

Blessings to you and yours.

p.s. I have a lot of photos… I’ll just have to catch up later….


13 Responses to “slight pause”

  1. I’ve missed you around the place.

    Take care – hope your elbow heals soon.

    Love Zen

  2. Oh bugger – tendonitis is a b*tch 😦 Take it easy, and we’ll be here, eager to read/see your next post!

  3. 3 Bo

    Ouch! Take care – I’ve misssed you, (and I haven’t forgotten, but I got a paying photo job and I’ve been crazy…) But a good kind of crazy.

  4. I hope that clears up quickly! We’ll be waiting for you when you get back! I’ve missed you!

  5. We all need breaks! Take the time you need !

  6. I get that in my brain sometimes !!! 😉

  7. 7 mom

    i didnt knw you had bad elbow..sorry to here that..nothing going on here ..i spend most of my time in my room…not met to be happy i guess..guess it was my life in past and now paying for it..i love you all very much..

  8. Ah, another fallen comrade. Hope you get better soon.

  9. Get well soon! I sometimes take glucosamine and it does wonders for my joint troubles that will not go away without a fight!:)

  10. I had that several times in my younger days. My doctor called it “tennis elbow”. I never played tennis….but I did use my arms and hands a lot painting sets for theatre. Problem was that it really needed me to stop doing what was causing it in order to get better and I and to keep working.

  11. I hope your elbow is at least starting to feel better. You are missed!

  12. 12 mum

    my gawd girl you just keep getting better and better

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