testing the new lens…


this spring I intend to walk through the forest and attempt to utilize my new lens… i will say nothing but shoot up a couple of shots I liked. I felt obligated to test it before I could start taking shots of local flora….






the most recent birds will come but for now I’m just trying this macro lens out for spring…

again I’m sorry for any delays but I’ve updated a lot of my equipment and I’m learning it. These are not wildflowers just me playing around with a bunch that my fabulous hubby gave me.

hugs, Lori


12 Responses to “testing the new lens…”

  1. It passed the test! Very nice shots! I’ll follow your progress with interest because I’m shopping for a macro lens now too.

  2. TY Montucky. I’m hoping I can enhance our lil wildflowers with the same grandeur. I’d love to see you trying out macro.. that would be so cool. There isn’t a man alive with the photographic hunting techniques that you have. Your eye will always speak to others. 🙂 TY for visiting!

  3. Very good! Which lens is this, may I ask?

  4. TY and sure Adam, the lens is Canon’s EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM. I love it! It seems to take really good portrait shots as well. I also updated my body to the 50D. I’m not sure if that was a wise choice except to say I do love that it takes shots much faster (perfect for birding.)

    oops;.. the new body takes shots faster not the new lens. 😉

  5. Sweet! I have, and love, the 100mm also – it’s a superb value, IMO. Not only for flowers – virtually all of the jewelry shots I do for my wife’s jewelry business (SELF-PLUG: http://www.jujubysarah.com, check it out!) are taken with it too.

    It’s a little long for standard portraits, but I enjoy tormenting my cats with it anyhow 🙂 For portraits on our 1.6x crop bodies, I really (really!) like Canon’s 50mm f/1.4.

    Always a little frustrating how much better the prime lenses are than the zooms, isn’t it? Ahh, tradeoffs….

    And a 50D – nice upgrade! You were using one of the Rebel bodies before, right?

  6. I agree about the value point (I would completely recommend this baby to anyone…) So far my favorite lens to torment my pups with is the EF 10-22.. close up the shots make me giggle every single time.

    Congratulations on your marriage! When I revisited your site I noticed you and Sarah looked dressed up and wondered there.. Wonderful! I will completely look into the suggestion on 50 mm and your wife’s websites. (I’m driving my kiddo’s nuts forcing them to sit thru portrait shots..)

    I agree on the zoom issue. Eventually I’ll end up picking up one that’s way too expensive solely for birding. But that’s a bit down the road… for now I tolerate the low-end couple I am using and just try to get closer to the birds. (good news tho; hubby got a electronic game caller for his bday I think that might be fun to see if I can lure in water birds…. and other game.) I know I know it’s probably cheating but this is one addictive hobby! Again Congrats! You two are a gorgeous couple!

    oh yes, I was using the rebel xti. I liked it a lot… but rarely pick it up now that I have the 50D.

  7. Those are such amazing shots! I love the detail you were able to capture with them! BRAVO

  8. TY Monarch. ;o)

  9. These are absolutely stunning shots! I love macro shots of flowers and the water droplets just add to the effect.

    I think the rose really is my favourite 🙂

  10. The good news, these are great photos. The bad news, now I have to go out and buy more Canon glass because I don’t own one of these…yet. 🙂

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