mini spring post


A few “in the field” macro shots of various things..

At the moment I’m not as good as identifying algae and fungi so I’ll leave the titles out. I’d embarrass myself making a feeble attempt. Anyone who knows names and wants to ID these guys.  I’ll happily rewrite this and post it for all to see.

first bug of spring

the first insect I saw this spring

first grass of spring

the first bit of grass (with a touch of moss intertwined)


the first stonecrop… or the first unidentified tiny plant of spring? either way exciting!

buttercup bud 2

the first unopened buttercup


and then the first opened buttercup. One cool factoid: buttercups are very poisonous so much so that some Indian tribes made a concoction seeped with buttercups and dipped their arrow tips in it to make a shot more lethal.

…other flowers have opened since and I’ll toss those up real soon. I drove down to Boise to visit The Peregrine Fund; The World Center for Birds of Prey. I’ll shoot up a post on that once I go through my shots. Meanwhile, I hope all is enjoying spring!


5 Responses to “mini spring post”

  1. Like the buttercup photos! I had no idea they were so toxic!

  2. Good to see that spring is getting up your way!

  3. 3 Bo

    Looks like spring!

  4. Greats shots glad to see the seasons are changing for the good up your way, hope you have been going well, talk to you later !!

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