A Chickadee vs. Clean Glass


Okay quick and true story….. I’ll subtitle it; “The Rural Conundrum: Clean Windows to See the Neat View or Dirty Windows to Prolong the Life of Wild Birds?”

Yep, I heard that light thunk near my kitchen window and just knew a bird had slammed into it. With all the bird food I put out I wonder how much bad karma I’ve build up because I’m obsessed with really clean windows. Maybe I’ll come back as a gnat and some swallow will get even for my deep set need for cleaning glass so often…

On a Monday evening I ran outside to find a black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) sitting dizzy on the porch. The dogs and the cats think one thing when this happens, “ummmm mid-day snack!” I know this because I have to race to the bird before any of them show up. My black kitty actually is quite the hunter..

great hunting spot

{luckily that was shot in Jan and the bird apartment was unoccupied…}

So my husband, at my insistence, scooped up the bird. (After all I cannot photograph and hold too…)

hubby holding a chickadee

Joe gently held him until his confused head cleared up enough to fly away. He said he loved it because he could feel the bird treat his fingers like a branch and curled his little feet around his forefinger.

blackcapped chickadee

you can see in his profile even his head feathers were a little mussed up…. poor thing.

You’d think they’d hold a grudge but no, the next day I got really close to one of them. I totally cheated I was wearing a ghillie suit while getting closer. The first time I wore it I was sitting outside and almost gave my little girl a heart attack when she saw “the bush move!”

blackcapped chickadee

blackcapped chickadee

Okay enough of me and yes, the bird lived and flew off just fine.

Overall Score?
Clean Glass: 0
Chickadee: 1


7 Responses to “A Chickadee vs. Clean Glass”

  1. 1 Carrie


    Wonderful work! So glad I clicked this link in my folders and saw more great images!

    Loved the post about woodpeckers. I am surrounded by them here in New Hampshire. We have a bit of conservation land (ok, not like where you live 🙂 and wetlands in our back yard. They love the lodgepole pines we are surrounded with. I have seen both hairy and downy who devour my suet.

    Glad to see some new pictures, and I might be tempted to “steal” my DH new canon (although his lens set is more for capturing moving trains…) and play around.

    Again, wonderful pictures, send my regards to the family.

  2. 2 aullori

    Hi Carrie! Wonderful to hear from you. Joe was very excited! I’m amazed at how much fun I have with my Canon. With the woodpeckers and the chickadees here I used my 250mm lens (very inexpensive) and I had to practically crawl up to them. Joe says I seem to have a bit of luck with wildlife and them allowing me to get close – I think it’s all his cool hunting supplies. I’d love to see your woodpeckers. I visit a NY wildlife advocate and it’s amazing how many birds we share. (All I can figure it is must have something to do with the similar latitudes perhaps??? I dunno!) Thank you for visiting you put a smile on both Joe and my face. Meanwhile, Happy Mommy’s day! Hugs back to your family as well!

  3. I have had hummingbirds crash into our house and get the sense knocked out of them, especially when they are fighting for sugar water !!

    Neat shots !!

  4. 4 aullori

    BERNIE! I’ve been so out of the loop lately… Thanks for the compliment and I’m just going to shut up and visit your extreamly fantastic shots! (How I’ve lived without your eye candy is beyond me!!!)

  5. Great close-ups! I’d love to see a chickadee (or pretty much any other bird) so up close & personal. Our Chestnut-backed Chickadees, although common, don’t often afford close, detailed looks.

  6. Hi Adam! Thanks for visiting! I have spent hours wishing for a good look at a chestnut-backed chickadee or a boreal but so far haven’t seen one. I think I got brief glimpse of a chickadee that was not mt. or black capped… his song was odd too. I cursed myself and must have went back a dozen times to the spot to id him but never found him again. I bet a buck he was the elusive chestnut-backed. … ahh, one day.

  7. I found an film to cover the windows in that birds can see but humans cant. it has stopped them from flying in to the windows

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