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There isn’t much to say about me; I live in a rural area in Washington state very close to the Canadian boarder. (USA side) I’m a mom of three kids; three large dogs; two new kittens; a cockatiel and probably a cupboard full of mice. Well.. because my kittens are lazy, fat and spoiled. I’m married and live in what I consider paradise (but doesn’t everyone claim that?)


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  1. 1 Kay Rudolph

    I don’t have a webb site. Just writing to say I lived in Orient when I was very young. Our hired haand was named Alden. My friend Karen whose husband logged around there said that they knew someone by that name. We lived at the very end of a road by a small lake the next people toward town were named Douglas. The house was a great big log house and barn with livery stable or some like that. The place orginally belonged to a man by the name of George Hagle from Spokane.We lived there for about a year 1942 to 1943. I have great memories of there. There was even a phone with a crank of the wall below the stairs. It was a two story house and you could look out the upstairs windows down on a large meadow. I was I could find it again. thats all for now. Hope to hear from you… Sncerely Kay

  2. Hi Kay,

    Thanks for your comments. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that I live here. I’m a big advocate of raising kids in the country as well as connecting us back to our roots. The historical roots are amazing arent they? Like the memory of a crank phone how cool is that? I’m so glad you shared your story. I think I may have an idea where you lived. There are only a few little lakes around that area. One of my girls are best pals with another little girls who live on a farm right next to Little Lake Pierrer. (my spelling is off there tho)It dries up in warms seasons. Thank you for your story sunshine!


    • Hi Lori!
      I lived in Orient from ’71 to ’81. I lived in the manufactured home across the river from what we called “Old McDonald’s Farm” 🙂 It is actually just down river from Huneycutts, and rock cut bridge. So many stories.. I am the middle of five. My two older sisters and I explored every inch of our river home.
      Floating the river was the best time… still return just to do it. We were baptised in Pierrer Lake when Bob Morton was the pastor at the little green church (though I did see it is painted now). I was in school when Todd and Devona Gallo died. It was such a trauma for all of us kids. Devona died on my ninth Birthday. Still like to visit Dina and Jerry when we are out that way.
      I guess the next biggest memory for me would be playing baseball. Our team was the Orient Express Raiders. Chrisy Hendersen and I were the only girls on the team. One year Chuck Hendersen, Steve Adams and I all made all stars. That was very cool for me. The Hendersens lived on the hill up from the Bridge to the right as you cross going out of town. I jumped off the bridge when I was about 10. Long way down!!
      My dad worked at the rock corry and mom helped put the PTA together and wrote the school news paper. Later, she sold realestate for Kettle Fallls Realty.
      The parents in town I remember from that time would be, Norma Short,(Adams), Carlene Hendersen, Linda Morton, Dina Gallo, Sue Schrier, Gloria Toliver, Cookie Hendersen, Nancy Batt, and of course a whole bunch of Eslicks. 🙂 Gram and Gramps Eslick were our neighbors up the hill. Our horse always ran away to their house. We had our first job turning bails for them. Nancy had a beauty shop in the store (Big Daddy’s Coffee Shop) My dad made the sign for the store.
      Teachers were Mary Moore grades 1 and 2, Sue Miller grades 3 and 4 (and I got a hack from her once), Ruth Lakin grades 5 and 6, and a few different people in grades 7 and 8. Mr. Spooner, Mrs. Trusdale. Oh boy did we give her heck!. Im a teacher now… lol.
      Well, this is fun to sit and remember. Hope others join in…
      Sheila Page

  3. 4 Salve

    hi! i like the photos in your entries. 🙂

  4. 5 Kris Laffoon

    Hi Lori,
    I just came upon your website while I was looking for “types of deer in Northeast Washington State” and up popped your site. My husband and I live near Orient on Boulder Creek, so many of your pictures looked very familiar. I enjoy photography too and bought a digital camera after we moved here, mainly because of all the birds that we see here. We love it here too. In fact, Pierre Lake is one of our favorite places to “show off” to visiting friends. I enjoyed finding your website, enjoyed reading your comments about life up here in the “sticks”, and especially enjoyed the photos. I will visit your site again!

  5. Thanks Kris! The amount of birds are amazing. My primary goal of the page really was to learn about birding (my grandmother was a master and I’m kind of okay – but getting better.) I’m glad you enjoyed the site. Anytime you’d like to contact me feel free to do so!

  6. 7 Becky

    I was hoping you might be able to help me a bit. I am writing a book about Kelly Hill and need pictures of the area. Orient, Barstow, Marcus as well as the Kelly Hill cemetery and the Barstow Bridge. Would you be interested in doing anything like that…please email me at mymtndesert@gmail.com Thank You! Becky

  7. I sent you an email. Thank you for the compliment. If you have any problems getting it… just let me know here. 🙂

  8. Your photos are absolutely stunning 🙂

  9. Thank you zenuria. I’m glad you stopped by and visited.

  10. 11 Denise from NJ

    Hi there…stumbled across your website and can’t believe what a peaceful and beautiful site you have. Bald eagles in your back yard is fantastic. We’ve recently purchased a home in NJ and added several bird feeders and homes and in just a short year, we have a collection of birds and it’s so enjoyable to watch.
    i’ve bookmarked your page for future sitings
    warm regards, Denise

  11. Thank your for the very sweet compliment Denise. I probably should spend more times doing other things but sometimes I just can’t. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your welcome anytime. p.s. http://monarchbfly.com/ You’ll love this blog he posts birds I bet you see commonly. 🙂

  12. Hi, Im from Orient, Born in Colville and raise in Orient and Kelly Hill. I not live in Tacoma with my fiance. We are coming home to get married. You’re right that is an absolutely beautiful place. And you spoke of Joe. He will know who I am. My Dad and him are best friends. Him, Steve, and my dad (Paul). I loved seeing you’re pics. I was getting a lil home sick. HAHA!

  13. Peace be upon you,

    It was referred to your site by Zenuria of Karma Web. You have some really lovely compositions here. I’m currently beginning a project called “Fill the world with birdsong” to promote birdsong to lay people like myself. This is an invitation to please pass by and visit- it would be an honour to have your participation.

    Kind regards,

    Dont be sad

  14. 15 mom

    Omg lori those pictures are awesome .you are so great at your hobby…love mom

  15. 16 Tom

    I have a picture of a berry tree that I would like to have identified. Can someone please direct me on how to get this done?


  16. 17 lee

    I stumbled onto your web site and was happy to see that you have the same passion for the upper Columbia that my wife and I have. We bought land near Sherman creek Orchard many years ago and have been building a home for the last three years.
    I really like all of your links that are helpful in getting more information about local flora and fauna. We are from Puyallup and I am a semi-retired Architect. Since moving here we both became volunteer fire fighters with district 3/8.
    We are both absolutely in love with the Kettle Crest.

  17. 18 michael

    when i used to go to school at wsu (2003-2008) in pullman, i would on occasion drive up 395 through colfax, then spokane, then colville, then through laurier, and in to BC and go as far as i could go north in a weekend. i have reached nakusp, revelstoke, kamloops, and finally into wells gray provincial park.

    i always passed by orient and was always afraid to go into the town and do what i always like to do while taking a road trip alone, explore. i am a very curious person so i would have liked to gone in to take a look.

    i am a minority and i would stupidly get a stereotypical image of backwoods, rednecks toting guns and trying to shoot me if i got onto the property. i am sorry but the image has always prevented me from ever going in. guess i am just afraid.

    • Hi Micheal, first, I completely appreciate your candor I try to dispel some of the gun toting myths concerning us rural folks. (on this site I commonly joke about that belief…) I can say that I’ve spent a lot of time investigating myself and so far haven’t met up with a gun – even on the days I unknowingly drive up someones six mile “driveway.” If I was a minority my experiences might be different but I don’t think so. Really Orient has a lot more hippies then rednecks – you might be surprised. You’d be noticed (all newcomers are…) but your more likely to be able to buy a painted gourd in Orient then meet up with anyone toting a rifle. p.s. for reference sake the term “redneck” is rarely associated with Washingtonians.

  18. 20 michael

    sorry about that. thanks for helping me be more acquainted. i lived in north carolina before i came to washington for school.

    i really shouldn’t judge people so quickly. i think i get some of my views from my dad. when i initially came to wsu for school orientation, the first time i went through colfax, he made a comment of the town depicting everyone who lived there in an extremely negative light.

    over time, i have learned to love the eastern side of washington and truly appreciate nature. my eventual goal in life is to be able to live in a small town like orient after retirement and be closer to nature.

  19. Again – it’s fine Micheal I really did appreciate your honest comments. In one post I make a few jokes about how popular we are in horror flicks. If the only “media” coverage we get is about chainsaw wielding psychopaths & the movies like deliverance it’s actually amazing to me that anyone (like yourself) could even consider the notion of retiring in an area like ours. But your more then welcome .. now if your a democrat your vote is probably going to be washed out easily (mine is…) but I think that’s slowly changing. :o) (our last meeting had about 300 people which shocked me!) Meanwhile if you wander in this direction consider it an open invite to have some coffee with my family!

  20. hello,
    Would it be ok with you if I used your photo of a pearly everlasting flower as part of a flier for our Valentine Day Bike Ride? It is a flower of love, and such a nice shot! please reply to maldern@riverparkway.org. Thanks!

  21. yes, Mary I’d be happy to allow that.. thank you for asking!

  22. 24 Sandy Stewart

    Lori ,
    I came across your site while looking for a friend who grew up in Orient . She lived across the street from the school when they first moved there ( I’m guessing over 30 years ago now ) . Her grandparents owned the little store which is how she, her mom Nancy ,and brother Donnie came to live there . Jim and Betty Briggs are long gone now , and my dear friend Nancy also . We visited a cemetery high on a ridge that I thought was east of town but my memory is fuzzy so could be wrong .
    I came over for Stacey’s wedding which was at a beautiful home north of Orient on the Kettle river . I seem to remember a place called Boyds ? This had to be 20 years ago now . I’ve lost track of Stacey over the years but hope to find out where she is and come visit . I will always remember how beautiful the area is and how much fun we had exploring the town . Thanks for letting me ramble on Lori . I live west of Silverdale on Hood Canal , we are under gale force wind warnings at the moment ( crazy weather ) although I can see blue sky to the south . Wish I was in Orient .

    • I wander if this is Sandy Clark (Shawn and Shantel’s mom?) Jim and Betty had the store when I was there. Nancy was so much fun… always laughing. Stacey was in my class in school. I ran into her and Donnie at Mt. 49 a few years back. They both look great. Anyway, it seems we were in Orient at the same time. It is a little place that stays with you. My mom is Barbara Page and my dad is Vernon. Dad is in Kansas, where we originated and mom is in Eltopia near Tri cities. Both are well. My sisters and brother are all well too. I live in Prairie City Oregon now, another piece of heaven. I hope to come float the river with my boyfriend this summer.

  23. Hi Sandy, thank you for visiting and rambling too! I get such a cool perspective of this little town from people who’ve visited it and/or lived here. I think the cemetery you might be talking about is Kelly Hill Cemetery. One of these day’s I’ll post on it. It is such a neat place full of birdhouses and the people go back to the days I think people first started settling here. Boyd’s (your right there too) is actually where I live. Right in between Kettle Falls and Orient, since Boyd’s does not have a p.o. box anymore they aren’t really classified as a town. Another ghost town along this route…. I really hope that you and your friend meets up here.. so far that’s happened twice. Feel free and email me aullori@hotmail.com your email and if I hear from her I will pass the info along. Your gale force winds are in my prayers, maybe the Big Guy will mellow it a bit? I sure hope so and ramble all you like! ;o)

  24. Hi Lori,

    I was looking for a picture of a larkspur, when I found your website.

    They are growing in a field near my apartment here in Chico, California. They look just like your picture.

  25. 28 Betty Merkel

    Just a note, Nancy Batt is actually buried in the Kelly Hill Cemetery. I remember Nancy and her parents very well. They were the ones who actually started First Thot dayz. I have pictures of the first celebration. Nancy was the best funniest comic in the whole world. A wonderful person to know! Thanks for the memories

  26. 29 Irene fairbanks Carman

    I don’t understand about my e-mail not being published. I would like to receeive answers back when I reply to someone’s blog.

    • 30 Irene fairbanks Carman

      Please disregard my last comments dated December 6, 2010. That was not meant to be posted here.

  27. Great work once again. Thanks)

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