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from the wildflowers… So here is a day in the life of me and my wildflower hunt. springbeauty in feild (Claytonia lanceolata) On some philosophical level as I got older I found that life really is about the small wonders – the micro-perspective. I’ve heard it said another way; the devils in the details. I’ve […]

White tailed deer  (Odocoileus virginianus) …..and a mom with three little ones? (you have to count the bums and heads)

well I didn’t drive out of sight but… Blessings to you and yours p.s. and for those of you whom I admire and don’t do Christmas happy holidays.

I’ll shoot up real soon a bird update and yep, they are still hopping in the trees…. meanwhile, I really liked the pastels of this image… A boys escape… Okay a couple of my favorites now… Patch and Bear were working out issues that only a pup can fully understand. based upon the look on […]

My husband went and did something really crazy. He got me a Canon D400 camera (which is the newest rebel xti) and in the process of doing so made it almost impossible for me to pick up my kodak in anticipation of shooting with the new guy. (This is due on the 23rd and just […]

My brother came a visited for five days so we got in the boat and we tried a bit of fishing. We didn’t catch much but I did get a chance to stop working on the binding of my almost finished quilt and take a few shots. (this will be a few posts only because […]

dramatic day


this morning was full of drama; first, patch is feeling better – you can kind of see it in his stance here – the tough old boy has moxie. {Moxie is a word my hubby insists does not exist and I have to admit Webster agrees with him however, I must have heard it somewhere….} […]

Quick like a bunny…. with the cold setting in I usually have my mind on quilting. It’s not that yesterdays blue jay didn’t capture my attention or the extremely large hairy spider on my pillowcase last night – it’s just that over time I’ve become captivated by the history and hard work that is involved in […]